The Things You Should Know About Career Coaching

Did you know that the latest unemployment reports show that there are around 12 million people without work in the United States alone? Moreover, there are millions of people who are unsettled by their current careers.

That’s why you can see why career coaching is steadily developing as an important profession on the market.

What is career coaching?

Most experts believe that this discipline is split into two: coaching & counseling. The idea is to support the individual throughout his job pursue in order to make informed decisions about their future.

For the purpose, the coach must guide him through the whole process, while teaching him how to improve on himself by creating resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, a social presence and etc.

The coaching profession requires from the expert great diligence to provide their clients with a solution. These solutions must be specific steps that help the client to achieve their business objectives.

The counseling approach is used to determine whether the individual has some emotional, behavioral or psychological issues that prevent them from maximizing their potential.

Common career coaching misconceptions

Many people believe that a professionally written resume is all it takes to land the dream job. Another popular misconception is that the career coach will actually do the work of finding you a job.

Not only that, but many believe that attending a single career coaching session is enough to solve your issues. The truth is that it takes no less than ten hours for a client to start resolving his challenges one by one.

What should you expect from a career coach?

Genuinely, individuals can expect to find motivation, encouragement   and gain confidence in their own capabilities. A job search is often related to high levels of stress and fear of rejection. The coach will teach you how to control these emotions and how they can prevent you from reaching your true potential.

Moreover, the coach will perform a variety of personal assessments, such as personality tests, to determine your area of expertise and where you have greater chances of success.

According to specialists, career coaching is useful at every point of the individual’s professional path. Reaching to a career coach is often suggested for people in the early years of their education or at post-college stage.

Preparing for your first coaching session

Once you’ve decided to go for a change and pursue your career, it’s time to make an appointment and head to the coach’s office. Having paid a career coach, you invest in yourself and you’d like to get your money’s worth.

For the purpose, you must be ready to tell your story to the expert, being as detailed as possible. At first, he won’t know anything about you, so it’s your job to reveal yourself.

If you’re searching for an opportunity like this, then you have some questions. Prepare a list of specific questions, no matter big or small and ask your coach to answer them.

During the course, it is suggested to take a pen out and jot down the important information. By doing this, you will keep track of the whole process and you won’t forget important stuff.

In the end, remember that the coach isn’t the one to find you a job, but the one to show you the way of finding one by yourself that provides you with satisfaction. However, this won’t be possible without putting in the extra efforts!

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