The Structure Of Families And The Role Of Its Members Are Changing Gradually | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

The structure of families and the role of its members are changing gradually. What kind of changes are they? Do these changes have a positive effect or negative affect?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

In the modern world, families have become more independent and the part people play at home also has changed significantly. I believe this is a positive trend in terms of the quality of life.

Households are increasingly becoming less rigid as people become more independent. As the society develops, a growing number of people, especially young people who value privacy and space, have chosen to live apart from their parents and have an independent life. This allows them to make their own decisions in most cases without the interference from their parents. Meanwhile, women enjoy equality in many parts of the world today, so many of them have decided to enter the job market like their husbands to have a fulfilling career, instead of staying at home. This change in the family structure not only liberates women from their traditional gender based role but also benefits men, because when the family has more earnings, the financial burden on husbands is lessened.

I believe this is a good thing as an independent dual-income household can help people enjoy a high-quality life. When people live their own lives, it considerably reduces the family tension that often happens in an extended family. Staying away from those conflicts and arguments caused by generation gap, young people and their parents can both feel happy. What is more, as the wife also earns salaries, a family has more income sources. When people have disposable income, they will be able to spend on what they like or want. For example, they can have an exotic holiday or buy a luxury car. They are less confined to a limited budget, and this contributes a lot to the improvement in their standards of living.

In conclusion, families are changing significantly in terms of their structure and the role people play within its boundaries. This has a positive influence on households due to the fact it enables people to live a high-quality life.

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