The Rise Of Convenience Foods Has Helped People Keep Up With The Speed Of The Modern Lifestyle |Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

The rise of convenience foods has helped people keep up with the speed of the modern life style. What are the advantages of this trend? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantage?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

The emergence of convenience food has enabled people to keep up with the fast paced modern life. Convenience food while being efficient and convenient, is also pretty affordable. However, its disadvantages do outweigh its benefits by a long margin, as it is not the healthiest option available in the market.

To begin with, the modern day life style is a fast paced one and it demands a lot from everyone. In their pursuit to be equally fast, people have turned to convenience food to satisfy their need on the go. Since people do not have to put in much effort to cook, they can focus more on work and increase their productivity. As it comes half-cooked, convenience food can be selected and prepared in a short while, giving the consumers the option of selecting their lunch at the last moment. As these food items are mass produced, they are extremely affordable to the general public. Furthermore, convenience foods come in a user friendly packaging, allowing the people to take their lunch to designated places like office, park and also enables them to pack leftovers for later use.

However, there are some clear disadvantages to this trend. Fast food, or convenience food as it is marketed, is not healthy enough. Compared to food prepared in a standard way, convenience food is deficient in nutrients and essential minerals. Although convenience food may be tasty, it has a higher amount of oil and sugar which is detrimental to our health. Furthermore, it is known to be addictive, causing uncontrolled and unhealthy cravings among those who consume them. Dependence on these fast foods may encourage people to avoid cooking for themselves and their family. Specifically, it is more harmful for children who need healthy food during their early / formative years. An unhealthy person tends to be less productive than others.

To conclude, convenience food is indeed advantageous to people with a fast paced modern lifestyle, but it is also unhealthy and may cause more problems in the long run. Food needs to be nutritious and healthy instead of being convenient.

The rise of convenience foods has helped people keep up with the speed of the modern life style – Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample 2

Convenience foods such as bread, cheese and cereals have become the first choice for myriads of people to keep pace with the modern world. Although such foods can be preserved for a longer time and take less preparation time, having packaged food regularly can be hazardous for health. Even so, in my opinion, the benefits of convenience foods outweigh the drawbacks.

Firstly, eating ready-to-eat foods is beneficial as they do not require special planning to prepare. In other words, such edible products are almost ready to eat or just need to be fried or heated in some cases. Nowadays, in many families both spouses work. In such situations, they have hardly any time to prepare proper meals, so convenience foods are helpful for them. Another evident advantage of convenience foods is their durability as some of these products can be stored for several months. Additionally, people who do not have kitchen or who cannot cook may find this trend as a boon because they merely need to make a little effort to eat them.

On the other hand, eating packaged foods on a regular basis has detrimental effects on health since excessive presence of sodium, sugar and saturated fat makes them unhealthy. Furthermore, such foods tend to lack freshness because many flavour enhancers and preservatives are used to keep them for a long time.

In conclusion, there are both advantages and disadvantages to the growing popularity of ready to eat foods. While they save time and offer convenience, they also have detrimental effects on our health. In my opinion, regular consumption of such meals should be avoided at any cost.

The rise of convenience foods has helped people keep up with the speed of the modern life style – Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample 3

In this vastly changing and hectic lifestyle, it is undoubtedly true that there has been a significant surge in the consumption of packaged food. Whilst there are several benefits to this trend, I personally believe that there is little to be gained from the excessive consumption of ready made food because of its unhealthy composition and lack of nutrients.

To embark on, “health is wealth”, “loss of health is the loss of life” are amongst some of the well-known aphorisms often quoted to illustrate the value of health in our life. Although convenience foods can be a great time saver, they also have significant negative impacts on our body. First of all, they have less nutritious value because most of them are loaded with artificial flavours and enhancers. Moreover, most of them have preservatives in them to increase their shelf life. It is a scientifically proven fact that many of these preservatives are harmful for our health.

Another point to consider is that although cooking may be time consuming, homecooked food has abundance of nutritional values and benefits and not to mention the freshness. On the other hand, packaged food is a boon for people with hectic lifestyles. Because of shortage of time to cook, they just have to heat or microwave the food which is already cooked. Apart from that, there are several food-giants which are labelling their food as healthy and nutritious with no added preservatives. Subsequently, this is the Win-Win situation for such individuals. Nonetheless, these types of eatables are more expensive than usual products obviously and are not meant for everyone.

In conclusion, due to the hectic lifestyle, there is now a greater preference for packaged foods. However, in my opinion, this is largely a negative trend because packaged food can never offer the same level of nutrition as homecooked food.

The rise of convenience foods has helped people keep up with the speed of the modern life style – Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample 4

To keep up with the speed of modern lifestyle, people are adopting easier solutions such as convenience foods. Even though pre-cooked meals are the fastest and most convenient option for busy people, I believe the regular consumption of those meals will lead to various health problems.

Convenience foods have taken over the traditional food options for various reasons. For example, it is easy to prepare the food and it can be stored for days to weeks. Moreover, people who do not know how to cook value such options highly. Additionally, convenience foods counters have become a part of cafeterias at workplaces, so that employees can have a grab and go lunch.

However, all these benefits come with the health risks. Firstly, these convenience foods use a lot of preservatives and chemicals to keep them fresh for a longer duration of time. Research has proven that these preservatives are linked to various cancers. Secondly, no matter how tasty the food is, it cannot beat the nutritional value of the fresh foods. Most of the convenience foods use flavors and not the real ingredients. Thirdly, one cannot be sure of the hygiene standards with which the food was prepared as there are many hands involved in their preparation.

To conclude, convenience foods help save time but they also some health hazards. Even though it is tempting to have pre-cooked meals, one should not ignore the drawbacks. Hence, people should not be dependent on convenience food on a regular basis, and should incorporate fresh foods in their diet to stay healthy.

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