The Rate Of Divorce Has Increased Dramatically | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In some parts of the world, the rate of divorce has increased dramatically over the past few decades. Explain some possible reasons for this problem and suggest some solutions.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Over the past few years, the divorce rate has increased at an alarming rate. Stress, breakdown of joint families and power struggle are the major causes of this situation. Although, these issues have led to a rise in the divorce rate, there are ways to resolve the problem.

Firstly, stress in the workplace is the biggest cause of divorce. Nowadays, jobs are very demanding, and people spend long hours at the workplace compared to the past. This means that they spend less time at home with their families; hence, there is no room for affection and this eventually leads to break-up.

Another factor contributing to the rise in separation is the notion of superiority amongst couples. Earlier, people were humble to each other and men were the sole breadwinners in the household. On the other hand, today both are independent and dominating and thus pay less heed to their partner’s advice which impacts the foundation of marriage. A recent article / report published by the Times of India stated an increase in the divorce rates by 30% in the year 2019 amongst the youth due to irreconcilable differences and ego clashes.

Fortunately, there are ways to solve this problem. People should focus on work life balance at the workplace by taking up less demanding jobs. Also, they should respect their partner’s view point and should opt for healthy discussions instead of the arguments.

In conclusion, there are many circumstances that lead to stress and problems in marriage. However, if people choose to lead a balanced life and are more tolerant of each other, it can result in a better and strong marital bond.

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