The Plans Show The Site Of An Airport Now And How It Will Look After Redevelopment

Sample report

The given plans show the present state of an airport and how it will look after the proposed redevelopment. Overall, it can be seen that the airport will undergo considerable change. The most striking change after redevelopment will be the addition of 10 extra gates. Right now the airport has 8 gates numbered 1-8. After redevelopment it will have 18 gates built around a Y shaped structure. Right now, on the left side of the airport, there is security and passport control. The departure area consists of a check in and a cafe. The arrivals section is on the right side of the airport. Passengers have to first go through the customs and then passport control before they can exit through the gates. There is a walkway to travel between the gates.

After redevelopment, the walkway will be replaced by a sky train. Some new shops will be built close to the gates on the left side of the airport. The security and passport control areas will not undergo any change. The check-in will be moved to the right side of the departure lobby. The cafe will be moved to bottom left and a new bag drop will be set up in the area that was previously occupied by check-in. The arrivals lobby will now have a cafe and an ATM. In addition, it will have a corner for hiring cars.

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