The Pie Charts Show The Percentage Of Women In Poverty | Band 8 IELTS Report Sample

The pie chart shows the percentage of women in poverty and the bar chart shows poverty rates by sex and age. They are from the United States in 2008.

Here is a band 8 IELTS report on this topic written by one of our students. Need help with IELTS writing? Get your IELTS essays, letters and reports corrected by me.

Band 8 IELTS report sample

The pie chart represents the proportion of poor women in terms of their relationship and family status while the bar chart shows poverty amongst children, men and women as per their age group. Overall, we can see that there are more poor women than men. The majority of them are under the age of five years and between 18 and 24 years. Moreover, half of the poor women are single and have no children. While 54% of poor and single women have no dependent children, about 26% have children depending on them. With respect to married women, 8% of them have no child dependency and 12% have dependency. From the data given in the bar chart, it is obvious that as people age the proportion of them under poverty decreases. The majority of poor people are under 24 years of age with most of them being girls and women. Whereas, from 35 years to 74 years of age the poverty level is relatively low with 8% of men and 10% of women suffering from poverty on average. Above 75 years of age, the poverty gap between men and women doubled. 

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