The Percentage Of Overweight Children In Western Society Has Increased By Almost 20% | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

The percentage of overweight children in western society has increased by almost 20 % in the last 10 years. Discuss the causes and effects.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Over the last ten years, western society has experienced an approximate increase of 20% in the population of overweight children. This essay will further discuss the causes of this negative trend along with the possible effects.

There are multiple factors behind the excessive weight gain of the children in the past decade. First and foremost is the increased consumption of fast food .This is because nowadays fast food joints are just a few steps away from their residence. Moreover, junk food is now available at nominal prices which the children can afford out of their pocket money. Owing to this, most of the children suffer from obesity and severe health problems due to the extreme cholesterol level in the street food. For example, in the survey conducted by the “World Health Organization” in 2019, 70% of the children had asthma problem due to the increased intake of oily food.

Another cause that can be attributed to the increase in the percentage of obese children  in the last ten years is their diminished participation in the physical activities in the school or during their leisure time. The reason for this might be the immense pressure by their parents the immense pressure exerted by the parents on the children to outperform their peers in academics. Unfortunately, this not only has detrimental effects on their health but also restricts their personality growth which they could experience after engaging in various sports or group activities.

To conclude from the aforementioned points, it is clear that wider consumption of junk food and reduced participation in the sports can be the primary causes of the 20% increase in the number of overweight children  and this development has negative consequences like serious health problems and limited personality growth  which cannot be neglected. Do you have an essay on this topic? Submit it below in the comments for a free band score estimate.

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  1. Manu says:

    Number of children are gaining obesity in foreign countries is serious issue and this essay will further discuss the causes and effects of this trend.
    First and foremost reason behind this is wrong lifestyle followed by children and they prefer to eat junk food rather than healthy diet. In most cases, mothers are working women and due to shortage of time they purchased packed food for their children and gradually they are habitually to eat fast food.In addition ,in western countries children are not get involved in physical activities or sports and they are hang out with laptops and mobile phones which create a lot of heath issues for them.
    There are so many worse effects on their health. Excess consumption of fast food increase cholesterol in their body and after that they facing many fatal diseases such as stomach disorder and asthma.on the other hand ,when they start gaining weight then they become lazy and unable to control their eating habits which can create problem in their physical and mentally growth.
    In conclusion,In western countries the amount of obesity in children is fastly increasing and consumption of fast foodsand less sports activities are bad cosequence on children growth and personality.

  2. Divyanshu Sharma says:

    In western societies, the way of living has been quite changed in the last ten years. Parents are more focused on their business life rather than children, this reckless nurturing encourage poor habits in children. And these bad habits can raise some major problems with children’s growth and also with their personality in future.

    Since the past few years, parents in western society are unable to maintain a balanced life. They do not have sufficient time for their children. Because of that children are picking bad habits such as eating junk foods, lesser participation in physical activities etc. Nowadays, street foods are easily available and affordable near houses. Surprisingly, with the help of upgraded technology, everyone can order street foods online from a nearby restaurant. The daily consumption of these oily, spicy foods increases the cholesterol level, unwanted fats and laziness in the human body.

    Furthermore, diminish the involvement of children in physical activities during the school session as well as in daily life has become another serious cause for children’s mental and physical enrichment. Physical activities like outdoor games, physical therapy in schools, cycling etc. are the key factors for achieving a healthy immune system, balancing cholesterol level and enhance the activeness in children’s. However, in these society children are paying more time on playing outdoor games, using the laptop and mobile phones instead of physical activities. As a result, they face the detrimental impacts on their physical appearance and becoming overweighted.

    In conclusion, Parents always plays a pivotal role in children’s nourishment and protect them from picking up poor habits. And physical activities should be part of every child’s routine, which help him for gaining the best physique as and save him from being overweight.

  3. Divyanshu Sharma says:

    Please review my essay on the aforementioned topic.
    Thank you!

  4. Athira says:

    One of the serious issues that the world facing today is obesity among children. Over the last decade, the figure of children having overweight risen substantially especially in the west as compared to other parts of the world. The present paradigm shift might be the main attribute of this issue and it tends to affect the children both physically and mentally.

    The ever-progressing technological improvements usher drastic changes in the way people live. The emergence of dual working nuclear families hardly cook food at home and meanwhile, they find easiness on convenience foods both for themselves and their children. Consequently, the younger ones are highly immersed into the mind-blowing and lip-smacking fast food regime and it eventually deposits more fats on their body which leads to overweight. Moreover, the sedentary lifestyle and overdependence on digital medium discourage the little ones to become physically active. Although the public are educated enough, they often forget to instil the value of regular exercise on children which requires for the mental and physical wellbeing of them. For example, many parents these days prefer to provide videogames to their children as a gift instead of toys that energises their body. Overall, an inactive lifestyle and improper food intake together lead to obesity among children.

    On the other hand, the impacts of this trend are absolutely troublesome. If children become obese, they would feel embarrassment when they are in society and it eventually blow down their assertiveness and self esteem. For instance, society often laughs at fat individual. When they lack self confidence, it refects negatively on their academics and other achievements. In addition, the occurrence of fatal diseases such as diabetes cardiac disorders to name but a few, put children on long- term or life time medications. Needless to say, they seem to bea burden for themselves and for their parents. Therefore, it deleteriously affects their development.

    In conclusion, unconscious dietary pattern and sedentary life habits create obesity among children. In this way, society lacks healthy and confident generation . it is hoped that the western world would take much proactive steps to alleviate this menace to a greater extent.

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