The Percentage Of Overweight Children In Western Society Has Increased

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Over the last few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of obese children. This is particularly true in western countries. There are mainly two reasons for this development. One of them is the sedentary lifestyle of children and the other is the excessive consumption of junk food. Encouraging children to become physically active and limiting their consumption of unhealthy food is the most effective solution.

Children these days are eating a lot of unhealthy food. They enjoy good living standards. Consequently, they have enough to eat and drink. Unfortunately, their choice of foods and beverages is not good. Children, in particular, love junk food. When parents fulfill their craving for unhealthy food by offering them pizzas, burgers, fries and colas all the time, it is natural for them to gain a lot of weight. Another culprit is the sedentary lifestyle. Very few children lead physically active lives. They spend much of their free time in front of a computer or television. As a result, they cannot burn the excess calories they consume.

The most effective solution is for parents to limit their children’s consumption of junk food. Parents need to realize that fast foods are harmful for their children. Even if they are busy, they should make a conscious effort to fill their children’s plates with healthy foods. It is equally important for them to limit their children’s screen time. They should encourage kids to go out and play a physical game like football or tennis.

To conclude, children, especially those in western countries, are gaining weight due to their excessive consumption of fatty foods and inactive lifestyles. Substituting fatty foods with healthy foods and playing a physical sport will help them reduce their weight.

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