The Only Way To Reduce Traffic Is To Reduce The Need For People To Travel | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

The only way to reduce the amount of traffic in cities today is by reducing the need for people to travel from home to work, shopping and education.
To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The most viable solution to the ever-growing traffic issues in urban areas, according to some, is to minimize the citizen’s need for travel to their work places, shopping complexes and educational institutes. However, I completely disagree with this notion. This essay will further elicit the reasons behind my view point.

First of all, work from home might sound a good idea, however; there are certain jobs which cannot be performed from home. Doctors, engineers or any public service officials need to be present at their work place to serve public need. Similarly, if everyone bought only from e-commerce sites, traditional brick and mortar stores will go out of business / go bankrupt.

In addition, many professional courses require classroom training and practical sessions which cannot be performed at home. Moreover, keeping citizens indoor might sound like a good idea to reduce traffic, but we should also pay attention to long term impact it can have on us. Once citizens are confined to home, they will be reluctant to go out and in the process the social life will take a massive hit. Slowly but surely mental depression will be on the rise. For example, a recent study on adolescent teenagers shows that due to the popularity of video games they are less likely go out and make friends. In the process they are falling prey to mental depression and the suicide rate among them is egregiously increasing.

To conclude, keeping people at home is not a viable solution for traffic issues. The government should invest in public transport infrastructure and build new roads and train lines. The government should also take part in promoting car pooling and encourage citizens to travel on public transport.

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4 Responses

  1. Hel falz says:

    Writing task 2
    Motorways help people travel quickly and cover long distance but they also cause problems.what are the problems of motorways and what solutions are there .

    Road as a means of transportation has really assist human being to move from one place to another, although,there are problem associate with it. The problems and their solutions will be explained in this essay.

    There are adverse effect that follows the use of road when travelling.One of them is that, there are lots of Vehicles on the road. This is because everybody want to drive their own personal cars and do not want to board commercial.Another point is the environmental health issues it brings to the society.

    The above mentioned problems have some negative impact too. The foremost effect is that , there is always heavy traffic on the road hence , it affect the rate at which the road will be spoiling resulting from pot holes.In addition,the exhaust released from the fuel generated by the cars also cause air pollution. For example, making breathing difficult for people with respiratory illnesses such as asthmatic patients.

    However, there are some suggestions for providing solutions to it. One of them is ,government should provide other alternative means of travelling such as provision of train in the community and ensuring that the fare is affordable. Furthermore, other means of fueling vehicles should be looked into like using hydrowater and solar energy.As this will greatly be beneficial and help in curbing problems associate with it .

    Thus, to conclude the topic, it can be finally commented that traffic congestion and contamination of the air has negative impact on the road ply by commuters.

  2. Parvathy R says:

    It is considered by many people that the only possible solution to avoid traffic congestion in cities is to minimize the commutation of people to work, shopping and education. Although reducing the need for travel helps to reduce the traffic to certain extent, there are number of other ways by which urban traffic can be reduced.
    Firstly, it is irrefutable that people travel mainly for shopping, office and schooling. Therefore, if there is no need to travel for the mentioned purpose, traffic can be greatly reduced. For example, when more people are encouraged to do online shopping, then there will be a great reduction in the traffic in cities. In other words, people travel to cities if they do not get good facilities like education, malls and offices in their areas. Hence, they travel to cities making a worst traffic condition.
    However, there are some other ways by which traffic can be reduced. Firstly, the government should increase tax of privately owned vehicles. This would attract more people to use public transportation system. Secondly, people should be made aware about the incredible benefits of walking. The more people choose to walk to their workplace, the less the traffic would be. Finally, authorities ought to provide incentives to buy bicycles which can reduce traffic considerably. Thus, the problem of heavy traffic can be reduced to certain extent.
    To conclude, even though reducing need for people to travel helps to reduce traffic, there are many other effective methods to tackle the issue. The authorities ought to ensure that the tax of privately owned vehicle is increased as well as incentives are given to buy bicycles.

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