The Only Place Available For Building New Homes Is In The Countryside | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In many places, new homes are needed, but the only space available for building them is in the countryside. Some people believe it is more important to protect the countryside and not build new homes there. What is your opinion?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Owing to the growing requirements to build new homes, it is thought by many people that the best place to build these houses is the countryside as there is plenty of the space available there. Others, however, opine that the protection of these areas is more important. In my opinion, homes should not be built in these areas due to the reasons which are going to be discussed in this essay.

Rural areas have an abundance of plants and trees. They release fresh oxygen into the atmosphere which helps in reducing the greenhouse gases. Because of the increased volume of these gases in the air, global warming has risen over the past few decades. It has had a profound impact on our planet such as the melting of polar ice.

As a result of the rapid increase in the sea levels, many places have become submerged. If homes are constructed in the countryside, trees will need to be cut down. Thus, global warming will further rise due to lack of oxygen and it will pose a threat to our planet earth.

It is also true that rural areas are the natural habitat of many wildlife creatures. These creatures form a critical part of the food chain. Lizards, for instance, feed on mosquitoes and insects. Construction activities lead to the / result in the extinction of many wildlife species. Similarly, if lizards become extinct, the balance of the ecological system will be disturbed and there will be a sudden increase in the number of insects and they will cause harm to crops produced by the farmers. Thus, it is critical to save these regions from these activities.

In conclusion, countryside has a crucial role as it acts as a home to flora and fauna. These places should not be used to build homes as this activity will pose a threat to the environment and human life could come to an end within a few years.

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6 Responses

  1. Tarneet says:

    It is an inevitable fact that currently cities are not able to tackle the load of population with high rising towers and there is no hope to see some decline in this trend. Although this problem is insurmountable, in my opinion, using countryside sounds like a competitive solution.

    To start with, when we say travelling to countryside, the first thought comes in our mind talks about clean air, far away from hustle bustle of cities, green farm lands, and many more things. Moving city crowd to these lands will surely put the environment in trouble. Few use them as weekend home and some visit there for amusement park and other fun activities. But at the end of the day, these are just lands, not some historical monuments which should not be touched. Without any second thought, these countryside lands will serve as a better option for building homes if utilised properly.

    On the other hand, moving to far away from cities will not be an easy move and governments have an important role to play. Firstly, local bodies should ensure to establish basic amenities in these farm lands. Secondly, new homes should aim to utilize the land in best possible manner. Thirdly, local land should be procured with full consent of farmers. Lastly, local bodies should aim to strive best possible balance between new home societies and countryside by fixing an upper cap on number of homes.

    In nutshell, these farmlands have been playing a key role in our ecosystem but in order to save cities from exploding, these countryside sites will provide a balanced solution while local bodies should be in charge to strike a perfect balance.

  2. Tarneet says:

    Although most of the nations are entering into a group of ‘Developed Countries’, still there are few who are extremely tied up in their internal quarrels and natives are being affected. In this regard there have been many different voices whether to help or accept the locals or keep them aside. In my opinion, they must be helped but in restricted way.

    To start with, there have been instances where in neighbour country’s’ refugees tried crossing the boundaries illegally and we have witnessed them in many newspapers. Few among these nations have accepted the refugees and provided them basic amenities on temporarily basis but the results turned to be very negative. This has sent indirect message to many other countries to not to accept the refugees.

    On the other side, refugees are also human beings just like us and should not be treated like beggars. They must be going through a mental trauma of leaving behind everything they have earned and a bit of sense of security will heal their wounds. Firstly, neighbour countries must accept them and provide them food, and shelter at one place. Secondly, they should be helped with medical facilities. Thirdly, in long term, they should be helped housing and work opportunities also. Last but not the least, helping country should keep a close eye on neighbouring country and as soon as things go back normal, they must plan to send the refugees back their homes.

    In nutshell, helping the refugees and providing food and shelter is as important as helping our own citizens as long as there is no threat to our own security and there should be a clear vision to send them back to their homes.

  3. Moieen says:

    Now –a-days it is often argued that internet has play significant role in many areas of people lives. People become more and more aware about international issue and become familier with other’s nation culture and traditions. This essay agree on internet can help to gain skills. Now in this essay I will discuss this issue with relevant examples.
    To commence with, Why people say that it is no more compulsory to travel abroad for learning skills which related to life and why they think that internet can help us in this way. Internet is very amazing invention. It has changes people’s life. For instance, it make communication easier by providing online communication websites. It hold’s a vast material which has huge effects on people thinking and their life. For instance, there are many people who need some basic things in order to make themselves as a skill full person. Internet is a hub of information. It not only a source of information. It is a source of earning skills. Many IT students claim that he improved their IT skills by searching on internet and after enhancing their skill. It earn very handsome amount. All of this convinced people that they should abstain from doing travelling to abroad for learning purpose. Because internet offers same thing.
    On the other side, no doubt internet has own value. But there are people who think that my going abroad helps people more in their purpose. Because internet has range of different kinds of material. But sometimes internet contains fake material or fake things about culture values. Which directly harm any person.
    To looking both views, as many people like I also like that people should learn thing from proper source. Actually, internet make our life easier but a man can get skill only by learning it proper way. And the way is only to going abroad.
    Dear sister please tell me my current score. I am very thankful to you in this regard.

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