The Number Of People Who Are At Risk Of Serious Health Problems Due To Being Overweight Is Increasing | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

The number of people who are at risk of serious health problems due to being overweight is increasing. What is the reason for the growth in overweight people in society? How can this problem be resolved?
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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is a bitter truth that a lot of people especially in western countries are suffering from excruciating health problems like high blood pressure and cholesterol due to obesity. There are myriad reasons behind this deplorable trend. This essay will discuss the most important reasons and propose some suggestions to overcome this trend.

To commence with, one of the main causes of obesity among people is the poor eating habits. Firstly, this is due to the availability of junk and unhealthy food from fast-food restaurants which are in every corner of the street. Secondly, most of the individuals in the present-day society hold white collar jobs. Due to the insufficient time and stressful lives, people are replacing daily diet meals with instant processed food. To exemplify, the packaged foods are purchased and kept in the fridge for days. This is not fresh and nutritious, and hence this affects their health, leading to the build up of fat and health problems.

On the other hand, there are solutions to overcome the problems arising due to obesity. One possible solution would be to consume healthy and nutritious home cooked food rich in vitamins and nutrients essential for the normal functioning of the body. This could also help us survive longer. For example, according to some research the Japanese are expected to live longer than other race due to their healthy eating habits. Another solution that would contribute to fat loss and fitness is weight and strength training. Also, this contributes to a healthy society.

To conclude, there are several health problems that are associated with obesity but the solutions are available too. Incorporating healthy eating habits along with consistent training seem to be an effective solution to control and reduce this problem from deteriorating further.

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7 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    Nowadays, more and more people are obese, so that they suffer of serious health problems. The main reason is the lack of time of the modern life. However, a good weekly plan may help to overcome this issue.
    Several people work many hours every day and have time just for a quick break. A sandwich, some french fries or a snack is the preferred food for the modern workers which contain a lot of fat. In addition, the majority of people don’t find the time to do exercise which increase the risk to become obese. Indeed, statistics show that several people don’t do any sport because of their busy routine that doesn’t let them to find time to relax.
    Though, the problem may be resolved with a organised weekly plan. First, the people should do grocery for the entire week and cook their meals to leave in the fridge on their day off. With this method they would save precious time during the working days to use for something else. Moreover, health activity is important to prevent the obesity. Hence, everybody should do exercise twice a week, before to go to work or on their lunch time.
    In conclusion, the lack of time doesn’t allow the people to take care of their health. However, I believe that a good weekly schedule may resolve the problem.

  2. Parvathy R says:

    The last few years have experienced burgeoning growth in the number of people having overweight related health issues. This is mainly due to increase in the number of fast food outlets and the sedentary life style people follow. There are a number of solutions to tackle the issue of alarming number of overweight people in society.
    The main reason for people getting inclined to obesity is due to the lack of healthy eating habits. Since fast food outlets are ubiquitous nowadays, people are encouraged to eat cheap and unhealthy convenience food that will make them obese. Another point to consider is that, due to the sprawling suburbs, people have become more dependent on their private vehicles for daily commuting. Therefore, people adopt a sedentary life style which can result in being overweight. For example, when compared to people who walk to their office, people who depend on vehicles are more obese.
    There are numerous ways by which people can be made fit. Firstly, authorities ought to ensure that high taxes are imposed on fast food. If the price of fast food increases, people will be forced to choose a healthy diet. Secondly, government and other organization should make people aware of the incredible benefits of walking. Introduction of walking holidays and marathon can attract people, which help them to burn out their fat. Finally, as students are the future of a community, school curriculum should incorporate compulsory sports to keep them active.
    In conclusion, there are several reasons for overwhelming number of overweight people in the society. However, consuming healthy food and including sports as well as exercise to the daily life can help people to overcome the issue of being obese.

  3. Marina says:

    Nowadays overweighting become a huge social problem because a number of people have serious health issues due to their overweight.
    I think that there are three reasons for the growth in overweight people in society.
    Firstly, most of the people do not have knowledge about food and nutrients (except of obvious like fried potato is bad, cucumber is good). Nobody knows how much calories do they need for the day, how many nutrients do they have to get from food and which meals could fit for their needs better. This is the reason why people eating “bad” food.
    Secondly, we have strong body positive movement which saying that being overweight is normal and you shouldn’t do anything about that. So, this people trying to live with eyes wide closed on their health problems.
    Thirdly, unhealthy food is more reachable than healthy. You can’t just go to the shop and buy healthy food, you need to read all the boxes to find something with no added sugar for example.
    In my opinion there are a number of ways to solve these problems. I will provide just three examples.
    First way is to set a lesson about rations and diets at schools to provide elementary knowledge about food and healthy eating. Pupils can learn a lot about nutrients, calories, different diets and their own needs. This way they can start thinking more about what they eat and it will be a healthy habit even when they will grow up.
    Second way is to make social advertisement about being body neutral is better than body positive. It means that it is good to take you body as it is but it is still good to try to improve it to make it healthy.
    And third is to make some tax preferences for shops with healthy food.
    As we can see, the problem of obesity is really big, but there are a number of ways to solve it.

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