The Number Of Cars Has Increased Significantly In Major Cities | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

The number of cars has increased significantly in major cities. What problems does this cause and what are some solutions to these problems?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays cars have become a basic necessity in our day to day life and hence their number has grown large especially in metro cities.  This enormous increase in four wheelers has led to various problems. This essay will discuss some of the problems associated with this issue and put forward some solutions for the same.

The first and foremost problem caused by the increase in the number of cars is traffic congestion in metro cities. Because cars have become cheap more and more people are buying them and this in turn leads to more traffic. Tata Nano launched by Tata motors in India in year 2000 has helped a large number of middle class families to own their car.

The second problem linked with on road cars is air pollution which causes health hazards at a high rate. Air quality in metro cities has degraded so badly that it is very difficult to breathe in these urban areas. A survey conducted by the government of; always write the government of Delhi in year 2015 showed increased number of asthma patients due to poor air quality.

Solutions to the aforementioned problems / the problems discussed above could be to improve the quality of public transportation so that people will prefer to opt for metro or bus services instead of their private vehicles. Secondly there should be a ban on vehicles causing air pollution above a threshold value. The government should impose heavy fines on people breaking these norms.

To conclude, the increase in the number of cars causes air pollution and traffic congestion in cities. Improving the reliability of public transport is the best possible solution to this problem.

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