The Number Of Advertisements For Charities On Television And The Internet Seems To Be Increasing | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

The Number of advertisements for charities on television and the internet seems to be increasing. What is causing this? Is this a positive or a negative development? Give examples and reasons for your answers.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The widespread use of technology has made it possible for the people to advertise the charity programmes that can reach masses within a short period of time. In my perspective, it is completely a positive development; however, the chance of fraud in some cases cannot be overlooked.

In the fast paced world, people spend most of their leisure time watching television or browsing the internet. The use of social media applications has increased tremendously. It is a platform for various non profit organisations as well as the families who are in need of immediate funds to advertise themselves. Furthermore, they can convey their message, share the bank details for general public to donate some funds. As a result, they can pay off huge expenses such as hospital bills or education fee. To cite an example, on Facebook we can see a lot of posts where family members ask for some donations to help them overcome a cash crunch. When affluent people see such kind of advertisements, they immediately provide a helping hand directly to the people in need rather than contacting intermediaries.

However, on the flip side, some individuals may take undue advantage of the donors. They exaggerate their pathetic conditions and make such advertisements as their source of income. Nevertheless, television and the internet is a common platform where masses come together and most of them donate for a global cause.

To conclude, charities are advertising themselves on television and the internet because of the massive reach of these platforms. In my opinion, this is a positive development because it enables needy people to get the assistance they need.

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  1. Parvathy R says:

    The last few years have experienced burgeoning growth in the number of advertisements related to charities on television as well as the internet. This is mainly due to the global reach of the television and the internet, with which it is possible to disseminate information faster than ever before. In my opinion, getting widespread attention about charities can only been seen as beneficial to the welfare of society.
    There are several reasons for the soaring charity related advertisements in television and the internet. Firstly, media has brought the world together as people from anywhere in the globe can view or react to the advertisements they see through television or the internet. Hence, even though the advertisements can be exorbitant on television, it has a huge impact world-wide. Another point to consider is that the information is spread faster which is the main agenda of advertisements. In other words, the impact of advertisements could be seen immediately.
    There are myriads of benefits while the advertisement is placed on television as well as the internet. Firstly, people from destitute families would get financial help from affluent people. For example, if people need money of undergoing operation, they can get money from other people through advertisements. Secondly, the reach of media among younger generation is indubitable. Hence, when people want any medical assistance, they can seek the help of the internet. For example, if people need to undergo a blood transfusion, which belong a rare blood group, they can disseminate the news quickly through WhatsApp. Finally, people are encouraged to come forward with assistance since they come to know about other’s needs. Moreover, as people know the incredible benefit of social media, they get the courage to start charity, which help the entire society.
    In conclusion, the popularity of charity through advertisement is a positive development which benefit not only the individual, but also society.

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