The Movement Of People From Agriculture Areas To Cities To Work Can Cause Serious Problems In Both Places | Band 8 IELTS Essay sample

The movement of people from agriculture areas to cities to work can cause serious problems in both places. What are the serious problems? What measures can be solved these problems?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Globalization and urbanization have encouraged rural people to move to cities in search of jobs and better living standards. However, this migration has caused population explosion in cities and shortage of labourers in villages. In this essay, I will discuss the impact of this migration on rural and urban areas and suggest some possible solutions.

Migration of rural / suburban dwellers to megapolis has become a common trend these days with serious negative ramifications. Although people can earn handsome / fat salaries by working in cities, it can lead to the disruption of demographics. Higher rates of migration to cities will cause overpopulation there. When more people move to cities, it will increase the population of these areas and cause a shortage of resources. For example, urban areas are already cramped and face a paucity of land to accommodate migrants. At the same time, this migration affects agricultural activities in rural areas. Rural people are usually involved in occupations like farming and when they move to cities for white collar jobs, there are fewer people left to work in farms and hence agricultural yield dips.

Numerous solutions can be suggested to alleviate the problems caused by this phenomenon. Firstly, governments should improve the transport infrastructures between cities and rural areas so that villagers can commute to work daily rather than migrating to towns.  Secondly, the government should bring in reforms that make farming a profitable activity. This will encourage more and more people to take up agriculture as their main source of income. Hence, if these measures are taken, the consequences of this migration can be reduced to a great extent.

To conclude, it can be recapitulated that the movement of rural folks to towns for their careers has numerous negative ramifications for both areas. However, these problems can be solved to a great extent by improving transport facilities between urban and rural areas and making agriculture a lucrative source of income.

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