The Most Effective Way To Solve Traffic And Pollution Problems Is To Encourage People To Move From Suburbs Into The City

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Some people argue that the best solution to the traffic and pollution woes in cities is to encourage suburban and rural people to relocate to urban areas. I do not agree with this view because cities are already bulging at the seams. If more people move to the city, it will only worsen the situation.

Encouraging rural and suburban people to relocate to the cities will certainly help to reduce traffic congestion and pollution if the cities can accommodate them. This is because most people living in suburbs have jobs in the city. Consequently, every morning they travel all the way from their home to their office in the city causing traffic jams along the way. Vehicles caught in traffic emit more poisonous gases to the atmosphere and thus increase air pollution. By contrast, if they live in a place near their office in the city, they can reduce their travelling time and distance. This will solve traffic problems. Hence, if the cities have sufficient infrastructure to accommodate all of these people, it is certainly a great solution to traffic and pollution problems. Unfortunately, this is not the case and most cities are starved for space.

A better solution is to encourage more businesses to set up their operations in rural areas. This will create more jobs in those places and thus prevent the migration of rural people into urban areas. When people can find a job close to where they live, they do not have to travel long distances. This will solve traffic problems and the resultant pollution to a great extent. The government should also encourage organizations to offer the work from home option to their employees. Promoting e-commerce is another way to reduce the need for people to travel.

In conclusion, since cities are already overcrowded, it is not practical to move rural people to urban areas with the objective of reducing traffic and pollution. A better solution is to reduce the need for people to travel by providing them with job opportunities close to where they live.

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