The Most Effective Way To Solve The Current Traffic And Pollution Problems In Cities Is To Encourage People To Move Into The City Centre | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

The most effective way to solve the current traffic and pollution problems in cities is to encourage people to move from the suburbs or countryside into the city centre. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Some people believe that relocation of people from suburban areas to the city centre is the solution to the current traffic and pollution issues. In my opinion, relocation into the city centre is not going to help; on the contrary it might lead to more problems.

Traffic and pollution are problems faced by most big cities of the world. Some people suggest that as most people from the countryside already need to travel to the city centre for work or to run other errands, they should be encouraged to relocate to the city centre. This way there will be much less traffic on the roads and as a consequence less environmental pollution.

 Unfortunately, in reality, relocation into the city centre is not going to solve the traffic or pollution situation. The big cities are flooded with polluting vehicles on the roads and are already over populated. Encouraging people to move to the cities will make these areas even more congested and hence will only aggravate these problems. Instead, to solve the traffic issues vehicle free zones where only pedestrians are allowed are implemented in London. This will reduce the traffic and noise pollution associated with it. Similarly, to overcome environmental pollution plantation should be encouraged in the cities.

To conclude, in my opinion, squeezing more people into the already overcrowded cities is not the answer to the traffic and pollution problem. If anything, it can make these issues even worse.

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