The media are increasing interest in famous people who have ordinary backgrounds | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

The media are increasing interest in famous people who have ordinary backgrounds. Why do you think people are interested in the lives of famous people? Do you think this is a good thing?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

We are in a celebrity obsessed world, and what famous persons especially those with ordinary backgrounds say or do always make news headlines. The factors contributing to this phenomenon will be discussed in this essay along with the reasons why I believe this is a curse rather than a blessing.

The obvious gap in the living standards between well-known persons and ordinary people results in this phenomenon. It is generally acknowledged that the vast majority of celebrities can monetize their accounts and accumulate massive wealth instantly, purchasing what their desire without taking costs into consideration. Conversely, the average people are confronted with various problems caused by not having enough money. For example, they find it difficult to buy a flat or afford the tuition fee of their children. Hence, ordinary people who struggle to afford even the basic necessities of life have so much interest in celebrities who seem to have everything so easy.

I believe this leads to some undesirable results. To begin with, these celebrities are always in spotlights and reap a myriad of fans who show great admiration to their idols. Most of these famous persons are living extravagant lifestyles, wearing designer clothes and driving luxurious cars. Their admirers choose to support them by following their lifestyles, and purchase those pricy products, even if they cannot afford them. Consequently, these fans have to reduce the amount of money spent on other facets of their lives, such as health, workouts and further education lowering their life quality. In addition, exposure to the lives of well-known persons with ordinary backgrounds will inspire average people to obtain fame at any costs for the sake of achieving high-quality lives. In their desperation to gain fame, some of these people leak their porn clips online or make racist remarks, which not only achieves a bad name for them but also sets negative examples to others.

In conclusion, ordinary people’ s interest in celebrities can be attributed to the differences between their lives and those of famous one’ s, and such interest is a negative thing, since this may lower their life quality and make some of them embark on the wrong path.

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