The Main Purpose Of Public Libraries Is To Provide Books, And They Should Not Provide Hi-tech Computer Software Or Videos | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

The main purpose of public libraries is to provide books, and they should not waste their limited resources and space on providing expensive hi-tech media such as computer software, videos and DVDs. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The importance of public libraries is undeniable. While some people argue that libraries should be more focused on stocking printed books and materials than investing in digital resources, in this essay, I would argue why availability of digital media is crucial in libraries used by general public.

First of all, the last few decades have seen dramatic growth in the use of digital media such as electronic books, learning software and other audio-visual learning and reading materials. This is because these resources are not only easy to carry but also convenient to learn from / to use in many innovative ways. For example, there are many free websites on the Internet which provide free video lectures for better understanding of a topic. If there are only hard bound books in the stacks and they do not provide these resources, they will become unattractive to general public. As a result, the significance of libraries itself may become questionable.

More importantly, modern generation is time poor and they want to access everything quickly including knowledge, which printed books may not always be capable of providing. This is because the growing competition and advanced life style demand more skills and knowledge in a very short time.   For instance, youngster might prefer to listen to the summary of a book converted to the form of a video rather than reading full text. Moreover, important part of digital resources may be emailed to personal devices with the permission of the library, and the same may be accessed later anywhere.

To conclude, although printed books will never lose their importance, the new generation / the young generation is moving towards digital information and learning. In my opinion, I would prefer to access digital and attractive video content in a public library instead of going through lengthy printed text.

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  1. Ali Murthuza says:

    Some people believe that watching TV is good and makes life more enjoyable; others, however, think it is a waste of time. Do you agree or disagree? Give your own opinion.

    In recent decades, numerous entertainments media plays a prominent role in the society. Some individuals opine that using TV as fun is joyful; whereas others opine that it is not so useful and has several bad effects on audience. This essay agrees that television has more benefits and will elaborate further in the forthcoming paragraphs.

    To begin with, television has called “FUN BOX” which is truely entertaining and enjoyable. In other words, viewers have access to a variety of channels such as movies, family and comedy shows and so on. By this one can feel relaxed and refreshed which helps to stay healthy. In addition, comedy serials improves mental strength and relieves stress ,depression. TV is not only a fascinating medium of entertainment , but also an information hub. This is because it develops young children’s learning skills. Students watch and learn more than reading books,it is easy to memorise for them by indulging themselves in science related programs and informative films associated to their subjects.

    However, watching excess usage of television or any electronic gadgets leads to wastage of time and money, whereas it can be utilised in productive activities which saves electricity and funds.Another drawback of TV, continuously viewing in daily routine results to detrimental effect on fitness. Several studies carried out to show that there is a correlation between viewing TV and well-being. For instance, change in behaviour, distraction in studies, sleeping difficulties may occur due to excessive look at small screen.

    In conclusion, having said the above-mentioned upsides and downsides of television. I firmly affirm that the benefits of watching television have major positive results than the negatives

  2. Afrin says:

    We are now surrounded by advertising. Further, the amount of advertising in the world is increasing at an alarming rate. Discuss the positive and negative effects of this phenomenon.

    The world we live in is dominated by advertising. Admittedly, adverts are considerably flourishing all across the globe. This essay will illustrate the positive development and adverse ramifications of this trend in the forthcoming paragraphs.

    The greatest benefit of advertisement is that it not only creates awareness about the products and services, but also enhances employment opportunities. In other words, advertising is a creative industry that employs thousands of people who are educated and experienced in the marketing domain. Another merit is that it increases sales which results in the betterment of the society. As a result, the national economy and global trade develops. For example, according to a survey conducted among commercial establishments, it was discovered that 72% of the annual profit alleviates due to effective advertising campaigns.

    Despite these advantages, there are several significant drawbacks associated with this phenomenon. The first and foremost problem is that advertising companies often aim their marketing at children as they are easily influenced by its brighter side. Owing to this, little children pester their parents to purchase the products advertised on TV and social media. Furthermore, numerous enterprises advertise commodities that are detrimental to health such as tobacco, alcohol, and junk food. For instance, studies have shown a definite connection between the regular consumption of fast-food and obesity.

    In conclusion, although there are as many advantages as there are disadvantages to the advertisement concept.However, in my opinion, it is up to an individual to focus on the benefits side and gain advantage from it.

  3. Mehdi says:

    Public liabraries plays an important role in society. Many people claim that public liabraries should invest in degital media such as computer softwar, videos and DVDs to save their ressources rather than stoking books in liabraries. I’am totally agree with this view.

    To begin with , the intrinsic reasons why I am agree with this point is that digital media give us the opportunity to save more information with a lot of security. In other words, one Laptop that carried many books which need a lot of investment to save them occupies just a few centimeter and cost some hundred dollar. Beside this, books are exposed to damage. To illustrate, many libraries in the world which didn’t invest in digital sources are lost many books because of several natural disasters. Finally, investing in digital sources give us the opportunity to save more books from damage and more information.

    Moreover, the use of digital resources in the library make it easier the search for information, it will be just by a simple click and you will find the books which interests you rather than go around the library and waste more time for seeking the information needed. Also, library can lodge their books in a digital platform, so many of people from all part of the world can benefit from the science of the library.

    To conclude, on our days the use of digital sources are unavoidable as there are many investment in this field. I think that public liabraries must give more focus in investing in digital resources rather than spending a lot of money on stooking book wich can be damaged with the first natural disaster.

  4. Parminder says:

    It is irrefutable that libraries are source of books since centuries ago. There is ongoing debate that whether up gradation of libraries by installing tech-savvy resources or it would remain unchangeable.I am totally opposing this viewpoint and points will be discussed in this essay.
    Firstly, to enhance one’s knowledge,library is the best ever choice.Although there have been number of sources as books,magazines to study,internet resources like computers are icing on cake.Moreover in developed counties, authorities of education sector are being working to install latest content in libraries. For example, in England,not only adults are learning from libraries,but also elders intrest has aroused to do this.Because tremendous amount of resources are used,to embrace people.
    Besides,the advancements either increase proficiency of inhabitants or surge economy as well.If such services are offered,people will become much familiar with their utilization. In addition,productivity would be boosted. As additional information eventually aid in securing better future of that country.
    To conclude, libraries holds wonderful content,which will definately adds a good point.
    Also inculcating technology in libraries,is need of an hour. So that, benefits will grow up.

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