The Internet Means People Do Not Need To Travel To Foreign Countries To Understand How Others Live |

The internet means people do not need to travel to foreign countries to understand how others live. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

According to some people, due to the availability of online resources, people no longer have to travel abroad to learn about different ways of living. I do not quite agree with this view. While I do admit that people can find information about the lifestyle in various countries by visiting websites about them, in my opinion, this knowledge is not comprehensive. In order to fully understand how people live in other countries, what they eat or wear, a person has to visit those countries in person.

The first point worth considering is that information on the internet about the lifestyle of citizens in foreign countries is often misleading. Sometimes we only get to know the positive aspects and sometimes we hear only about the negative things. For example, India is a vast country with a diverse population and lifestyle. Poverty and prosperity exist side by side in this old country. Yet, most of the images we find online do not give the complete picture and hence foreigners have a distorted view of the nation. If they really want to find the true India, they have to make a visit.

Traveling in person to a foreign country allows people to immerse themselves in the foreign culture. This is the best way to learn about that country and people. For example, we can find information about ethnic foods and local festivals online. However, reading about a particular festival or a local delicacy is not the same as actually celebrating that festival or tasting that food. Likewise, one cannot feel the weather without experiencing it in person. For example, Canada is extremely cold; however, without actually visiting that country, it is not possible to figure out exactly how cold it is or how people have adapted to that cold climate.

To conclude, the content available online is not a true reflection of the actual way of living in other nations and one cannot comprehend it by scrolling down websites. Hence, I believe that visiting foreign countries is essential to find out about their customs, traditions and living habits.

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