The Idea Of Having A Single Career Is Becoming An Old Fashioned One | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

The idea of having a single career is becoming an old fashioned one. The new fashion will be to have several careers or ways of earning money and further education will be something that continues throughout life.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, it is common for people to pursue more than one career at the same time or to switch their line of work frequently. Actually, people of all ages are enrolling in various regular and online courses to acquire new skills and qualifications. The concept of studying until a certain age and pursuing a single career afterwards is now passé. In my opinion, growing ambition and availability of new and exciting opportunities are the factors that encourage this trend.

People want to achieve more and more. They are not content with what they have. Their social feed is full of the success stories of their old class mates and they want to emulate them. For most people, pursuing more than one career is the only way to achieve their ambitions in life. So, doctors are working as lecturers at various institutes in their spare time. IT and management professionals are dedicating their weekends for building their own start-up. Everybody is exploring all possible ways of finding an extra source of income. And to cater to the needs of these zealous job hoppers both online and offline skill development courses are available.

Soaring competition also encourages many adults to seek excellence in more than one area. Job security is no longer available in many sectors. People may lose their job anytime and to protect themselves against such catastrophic scenarios, they are working two or three jobs. For example, a salesman may work not only as a marketing executive but also as a real-estate agent. A journalist may run a blog in his spare time. No one wants to take chances with their financial security and stability.

The availability of more opportunities also motivates many enthusiasts to adopt multiple careers. Thanks to the advent of the internet and telecommuting, people now have the option of working from anywhere. This enables them to freelance without quitting their full time job.

To conclusion, ambition and the lack of job security are the factors that drive people to pursue multiple careers. The availability of new opportunities just made this easier for them.

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7 Responses

  1. karni Singh says:

    It is true that people are pursuing more than one career in order to earn more money. To survive in a competitive environment, they also keep reinforcing their educational standard. In my opinion, this trend will continue throughout their lives in the urge of living a better life.
    Living a luxuries life is the biggest motivation for people to adopt the culture of multiple jobs. In today’s time, everything is expensive from grocery to school fees and from clothes to household items. It is now an individual’s liability to earn more money to meet these expenses. Therefore, if he wants to maintain his status quo he has to do multiple jobs or switches to another highly paid jobs. Moreover, it is the competitive environment where everyone is in the race to acquire the top position. It is often observed that people simply emulate others in order to gain the same respect and profile that others have. Consequently, they simply try their hands on other areas too.
    Financial growth is totally dependent on the area of knowledge individuals possess. If someone wants to earn more money he has to be excel in his field. Also, technology keeps changing and hence the job demands. For example, these days, AWS and cloud computing is the latest software on which software engineers are working. If someone has no knowledge about it then he will not get the jobs or promotions as it becomes the basic requirement for all the engineer. As a result, the professionals have to keep themselves academically updated as per the market requirements.
    In conclusion, It is quite evident after analyzing this essay that people will be versatile workers as they aspire to live a quality life.

  2. Jijo says:

    The growing number of overweight people is putting a strain on the health care system in an effort to deal with the health issues involved. Some people think that the best way to deal with this problem is to introduce more physical education lessons in the school curriculum. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  3. Moumita Malik says:

    In this day and age people are having more than one career. They are also choosing to indulge themselves in further studies. A lot of time people are switching careers or working in more than one job simultaneously. The concept of studying untill certain age and working in a single job afterwards till retirement is dying out.

    We live in the era of carpe diem. Our dreams and hopes know no bound. We strive for our aspiraions and are not afraid to pursue our goals in life. This generation expects more from their life. Social media feeds are filled with achievement of their peers. It is not surprising that they want to emaluate each other. To fulfill such high ambition, people are working harder than before. For example, a lot of IT professionals are becoming entrepreneur in a different field or having their own start ups, Teachers are opening up their own business. Companies are recruiting people with experience in different career to bring in new perspective.

    Nowadays the competetions are also much harder. To survive in the rat race we need to stay updated. We need to learn new things constantly. Our field of work is not limited now. It is not uncommon for professionals to leave their job and study higher courses like MBA or Masters or PHD. Oftentimes, employees are not promoted because they do not meet certain educational criteria. Instead of giving up hope they choose to study further and are rewarded accordingly.

    In conclusion, the world is now filled with new possibilities. People should not stay bound to one career and explore different prospects. It is now possible to accomplish a lot more if they open up their mind and reconsider their career choice.

  4. priya says:

    Aspiring to have a lifelong career in a specific field has been an archaic phenomenon . Instead compulsion of enjoying austere life has introduced notion of multi career option .Though, the emergence of this new style has resulted in several benefits .Conversely, it still bring forward certain limitations and need a adequate knowledge before deriving to conclusion.

    To embark on , history has verified itself with copious evidence that reveals increasing demand for better living standards and job security has buttress many folks to turn from single career to multiple sources of income . To advocate this attitude , take the research of times of Newyork indicating hyperinflation has invoked 52% of population opt for different ways of earning money , which will help them to attain appreciable financial freedom to afford stable and secured life. Thus, it can be inferred that this step is quite effective beholding the circumstances .

    Apart from this , with fast pace advancement of the world , it is undeniable that continuous education is an essential aspect these days . people need to upgrade with the contemporary time information of technology and economy as they change and ameliorate rapidly. Those who are not coping up with latest regulations and trend will be disquieted in their career . According to a news reported by BBC news people who work in it sectors should update themselves with latest software and networks because employers are now recruiting on various factors based on modern technology and skills.

    However , having numerous employment can affect both physical and mental health of individuals . since working for various employers puts a person under stress and anxiety . Moreover , multi professions will also lead to rise in taxes.

    To consolidate ,perception of having several professions is becoming more and more trendy, especially among freshers lately. Although such a lifestyle can prove to be a pleasant and even luxurious experience, these commitments should be made keeping all variables in mind to avoid problems like overstressing and financial debt .

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