The High Sales Of Popular Consumer Goods Reflect The Power Of Advertising | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, we are constantly being bombarded with commercials that tempt us to buy different products and services. It is true to a certain extent that the sales of consumer goods depend upon the amount of money that manufacturers invest in their marketing. Even so, I cannot fully agree with the given argument because in my opinion the majority of purchase decisions are not influenced by advertisements.

Advertising agencies promote their products by using famous people and social influencers in their commercials. Celebrity advertisements convince the buyer that they can achieve a better lifestyle or higher social status by using the advertised products. That is why many branded items such as designer clothes, perfumes and jewelry are high in demand in spite of their ridiculously higher prices compared to their actual value. In addition to this, in case of technology gadgets such as mobile phones, many people do not think twice before buying newer and updated versions in order to stay up to date with the latest technology although the one they own is still functioning well.

On the other hand, not every purchase decision is made under the influence of advertisements. Advertisements serve to inform customers about the goods and the available options in the market. People consider different things such as their budget range, their needs and the quality of the item they are buying before they make a purchase. Best selling products usually have a feature that serves to fulfill the buyer’s requirement. A new mobile phone, for example, may have more advanced technology that makes the user’s life more convenient. Moreover, a brand cannot maintain its popularity and reputation unless its quality lives up to customers’ expectations no matter how prolifically they advertise.

In conclusion, while I believe advertisements sometimes encourage people to buy unnecessary items, most of the best selling products are the ones that meet consumer’s needs, expectations and affordability.

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4 Responses

  1. amrinder singh says:

    Nowadays, manufacturer continuously tries to impress buyers by attractive and alluring advertisements to increase their sales.It is true to a certain extent that advertisements convince purchasers to buy goods and services. Even so, i am not entirely agree with the statement because the majority of decisions made by buyers are not influenced by advertisements but by their actual needs.

    Advertising agencies cast famous persons ,for example, renowned film personalities and sportsmen to make their commercials quite famous and effective. It is undeniable that viewers tend to buy those products at priority which are advertised by films stars without doubting the quality and price of that particular item.Thats why the prices of designers clothes, jewellers and beauty products is ridiculously higher as compare to their actual value. For example, sale of fair and lovely beauty cream has increased by 120% since Priyanka Chopra had signed with the company as a brand ambassador even though the price has become double. Moreover, if we talk about electrical equipments especially about mobile phones, people tends to buy newer and updated models in order to stay upto date with latest technology although their preowned mobile handset is working well.

    On the other hand, advertisements just make people aware about latest gadgets and services that are available in the market at present and buyers make their decision of buying anything by comparing the features and price of that particular product provided by different manufacturers. For instance, plenty of companies produces mobile phones with different considerable features and price range such as quality and power of camera, processor and battery backup. Now, it depends upon the buyers choice and affordability that which model he or she wants to buy ultimately. Moreover, a company cannot merely boost their sale by advertisements without maintaining the quality, popularity and reputation of their products. Hence, advertisement can only encourage people but the decision of purchasing any item by spending their hard-earned money depends upon their need and affordability.

    To conclude, while i believe that advertisements play a significant role to lure public to buy any product or service, actual purchasing depends upon persons requirement, affordability and reliability of product.

  2. Arpan says:

    It is an undeniable that in the recent times purchases of the most famous consumer products are increased because of advertisements rather than actual requirement of society, where they are sold. I firmly agree with this notion and believe that, although advertising creates desire to buy goods unnecessarily, people also take into consideration other factors while shopping.

    To begin with, the most significant reason why individuals purchase product which they do not actually want is the information disseminated through persuasive adverts. It often encourages impulsive purchase among them for goods and services without paying heed to quality. To exemplify, at the end of season companies usually give adds on start of one on one scheme for sell old stock, which tempts them to buy and pile up things without their need. Secondly, advertisement has overwhelming power to seek attention of children through the attractive presentation of products using colours and cartoons. Hence, it tends children to pester their parents for purchase expensive things, which they might not afford.

    Having said that, seldom before buying anything gather information from multiple sources including friends, family, and internet. While purchasing they also give attention to product material, quality, and price as most of them have knowledge to distinguish inferior products from quality products. For instance, a number of mobiles are available in market but they always give preference to one with excellent features.

    To conclude, although advertising has great impact on raising sales of products, youngsters make their choices by considering various factors.

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