The Government Should Make A Better Network For Public Transport

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More and more people are migrating to cities in search of better job opportunities and lifestyle. The expansion of cities, unfortunately, causes many problems. Traffic congestion is one of them. Some people argue that building better transport networks is the most effective way to solve this problem. Others insist that the government should build more roads to make way for the growing number of private vehicles. In my opinion, both measures are required to tackle the traffic problems plaguing large cities.

Improving public transport is unarguably the most effective way to make cities more livable. When buses and trains run on time and provide connectivity all over the city, few people will want to drive their own vehicles. This will automatically reduce the number of private vehicles on the road. When there are fewer cars on the road, there will be no traffic jams. Another advantage of having fewer vehicles on the road is that air quality will automatically improve. Respiratory problems caused by air pollution affect almost everyone living in the cities and a reliable public transport system will help everyone breathe easily.

Building more roads and improving existing infrastructure is also important. More roads enhance connectivity and in most cases they also reduce the distance between two parts of the city and thus reduce travelling time. Another advantage of building more roads is that it will reduce road mishaps and save many lives.

In conclusion, improving the frequency and reliability of public transport is definitely one way of resolving traffic issues affecting metropolises. Building more roads is another measure worth considering.

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