The Flow Chart Illustrates The Consequences Of Deforestation | Task 1 Academic IELTS Report Sample

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The flow diagram shows the environmental impact of deforestation.  Large scale cutting of trees mainly affects the environment in four different ways. First, heavy logging equipment compresses the soil and makes it hard. As the ‘hard’ soil cannot absorb much rain water, flooding occurs. Second, deforestation leads to soil erosion. When several trees are cut down, there are fewer roots to hold the top soil. This causes the soil to erode. Third, deforestation increases the risk of both accidental and intentional fires. Forest fires kill micro-organisms which feed on waste wood. Soil erosion and the destruction of micro-organisms encourage pioneer species to move into the cleared forests. They eat up the remaining vegetation and thus cause the loss of bio diversity. Finally, when there are fewer trees, the amount of moisture returned to air also decreases. Less precipitation increases the risk of droughts. In short, deforestation leads to flooding, fires, droughts and loss of bio diversity.

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