The Flow Chart Illustrates The Consequences Of Deforestation | Task 1 Academic IELTS Report Sample

The flow chart illustrates the consequence of deforestation. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features.

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Task 1 Academic IELTS Report Sample

The given flow diagram depicts how clearing of forests / cutting of trees can affect the environment. Overall, it can be seen that mainly there are four ways through which deforestation can lead to flooding and reduction in biodiversity. Firstly, deforestation can be a cause of frequent flooding as heavy logging machinery which is used to clear the forests compresses the soil. As a result, it becomes hard and ‘baked’ and because of this rain water runs off causing floods. Secondly, clearing of forests also results in decrease in biodiversity since fewer trees means availability of fewer roots to hold the top soil in and thus the top soil erodes. Additionally, the cutting down of forests increases the risk of burning deliberate or accidental and it destroys the waste wood. Micro-organisms are also destroyed. Lastly, plants return less moisture to air; hence, less precipitation occurs leading to increased drought. All the aforementioned reasons eventually cause pioneer species to move in and those species degrades the vegetation resulting in biodiversity loss.

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