The First Man To Walk On The Moon Said It Was A Giant Leap For Mankind | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

The first man to walk on the moon said it was “a giant leap for mankind”. However, some people think it has made little difference to our daily lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

The achievement of stepping on the lunar surface was indeed the greatest success in the field of space exploration and was acclaimed to have opened new avenues in the field of Science and Technology. However, some opine that it has contributed very little to improve the living standards of humans. I fully agree with this view and will defend my stand further in the following paragraphs / in this essay.

To start with the positives/benefits it cannot be denied that the advancement in space exploration has benefited us in many ways. In other words, some of the technologies that we use today such as communication, GPS and internet have greatly benefited from satellite technology. Even so, moon landing didn’t do much to improve our lives. It could have been helpful if we had colonized moon or brought useful minerals from it. Neither happened and as such this achievement had absolutely no impact on humans.

However, on the dark side, individuals in many poor and underdeveloped countries are still struggling to eke out their livelihoods and fulfill their basic necessities including nutritious diet, shelter and attire. Somalia, for instance, is among those nations which barely addresses the needs of its dwellers. Thus, obviously, space exploration or moon landing had only a negligible impact on the lives of humankind. Additionally, it is worth mentioning here that landing on another planet or satellite is not the key to the success for any nation. There are nations that have not ventured into space and are still world leaders in many areas. For example, Canada has remained a pioneer in introducing the latest technologies for its citizens without indulging in such an activity.    

To conclude, while I support the fact that moon landing was a giant step for mankind, it had indeed made no major contributions to uplift the living standards of a common man.  

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