The Diagrams Show The Stages And Equipment Used In The Cement Making Process

This cement production diagram is from Cambridge IELTS 8 Test 3 Writing Task 1.

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Sample report

The diagrams depict the processes involved in the production of cement and concrete. The raw materials limestone and clay are processed through a series of steps to produce cement. For the production of concrete, cement is mixed with gravel, sand and water. The first step involved in cement production is the crushing of limestone and clay by a crusher. Next, the resultant powder from the crusher is fed into a mixer, which blends it and passes it to a rotating heater. In the heater the blended powder is heated and further mixed. The substance acquired from the rotating heater is ground in a grinder and thus cement is produced. For the production of concrete three essential elements – water, sand, and gravel – are added to cement. These raw materials are mixed in a concrete mixer to produce concrete. Concrete has a composition of 10% water, 25% sand, 50% gravel and 15% cement.

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