The Diagram Shows The Process For Recycling Plastic Bottles | Band 8 IELTS Report Sample

Sample report

The given process diagram explains various steps involved in the recycling of plastic bottles. Overall, the process consists of nine steps. It begins with the collection of plastic bottles. Discarded plastic bottles are collected by people from garbage bins. In a truck, these bottles are brought to a recycling centre where they are sorted by humans. Some bottles are discarded because they are not suitable for recycling. The recyclable and quality plastic bottles are then compressed and converted into blocks. After this process, the blocks are crushed using a crushing machine. The crushed material is then washed thoroughly. These crushed materials are then fed into a machine which converts them into plastic pellets. The next process involves heating. The pellets are heated to produce the raw material. Using these raw materials various consumer goods like pencils, bottles, T-shirts, bags etc are made. Overall, these are simple and straightforward processes that require both human labour and technology.  

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