The Crime Rate Nowadays Is Decreasing Compared To The Past Due To Advanced Technology Which Can Solve And Prevent Crime | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

The crime rate nowadays is decreasing compared to the past due to advanced technology which can prevent and solve the crime. To what extent do you agree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Compared to the past, fewer crimes are committed today because of advancements in technology. In my opinion, some technologies in the modern era have certainly helped prevent crimes and also assisted in solving many cases.

To begin with, surveillance cameras or CCTVs have been widely adopted due to their ability to record events and keeping them stored in the control rooms forever. In case of any law-breaking activities, these clips could be used as important evidence in the court of law. In addition, there is nothing better than a piece of video evidence to prove a person guilty as even the judges cannot deny it since it is produced by a machine. For instance, recently a murder case in India was solved only because the CCTV footage captured the face of the offender. Furthermore, CCTVs act as a deterrent, because criminals become afraid of committing crimes when they realize that a place has CCTVs installed.

On the other hand, forensic science is also a popular method these days to solve difficult cases. Especially, in case of a murder, the forensic department personally visits the site of the heinous crime to collect the blood samples or fingerprints to test them in the laboratory and produce effective evidence. Forensic reports are considered as the most accurate ones due the process they go through. To illustrate, studies show that old cases pending for a long time in South African countries began to resolve only after they adopted the modern techniques inspired by other developed countries such as the UK or the US.

To sum up, due to the non-availability of scientific or technological advances in the past many criminal cases could not be solved. However, technology acts as a saviour in the present times to deter and solve criminal offenses to a great extent. I, therefore, strongly believe that new inventions are changing the times.

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