The Charts Show The Main Reasons For Study Among Students Of Different Age Groups

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The charts show the reasons for which students of various age groups study and the amount of support they received from their employers in terms of financial assistance and time off. Overall, it can be seen that young people are more likely to pursue studies for career growth rather than interest. This trend reverses as people age. While as much as 80% of those aged under 26 choose to study with the objective of furthering their career, only about 20% of those over 49 study for the same reason. An equal proportion of people (40% each) aged between 40 and 49 studies for career and interest. Meanwhile, 70% of those over 49 studies for interest.

As for employer assistance, the biggest beneficiaries were those aged under 26. While as much as 65% of them received the support of their employers, this support started falling as people aged. Those aged between 30 and 39 received the least amount of support (33%). Interestingly, employers offered greater support to older employees to continue education. While about 38% of those in the 40-49 age bracket were supported by their employers, those over 49 received even more assistance.

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