The Charts Compare The Age Structure Of The Populations Of France And India | Band 7 IELTS Report Sample

The charts below compare the age structure of the populations of France and India in 1984.

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Band 7 IELTS report sample

The given charts provide a comparative analysis of the gender wise age structure of the populations of India and France in 1984. It is clear that in 1984, males and females had a similar age structure in the same country, while a significant difference between the age distribution of France and India can be observed. In 1984, males under age 40 accounted for a marginally larger proportion than females of the same age in France. By contrast, females occupied a noticeably larger percentage compared with males aged 45 or above. Irrespective of gender, the population of people aged 40 or under is much higher than the population of people aged 40 or above. Different age structure is seen in India. In 1984, the vast majority of people living in India were under 40. In fact, senior citizens aged 70 or above accounted for just 2% of the Indian population in 1984. By contrast they accounted for about 15 to 20% of the French population in the same year. France also had a considerable population of people aged 75 and above. Meanwhile, in most age groups males accounted for a slightly higher percentage than females in India in 1984.

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