The Changes That Took Place At West Park Secondary School Since Its Construction In 1950

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The diagrams illustrate the changes that West Park Secondary School underwent over the years since its construction in 1950. When the school was built in 1950, it was a comparatively small structure consisting of just one building. There were houses to its west and a playground to its south. To the west of the playground was farmland. 

By 1980, a car park and a science block had come up in the area previously occupied by houses. The science block was adjacent to the school. The main school building did not undergo any changes. The playground was still there but the farmland was converted to a sports field.

By 2010, the car park was extended to cover the area previously occupied by the sports field. The playground became smaller as a portion of it was used to build a sports field. The school building and the science block did not undergo any changes.

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