The Behaviour Of Students In Class Is Becoming Worse And Worse | Band 6.5 IELTS Essay Sample

The behavior of students in class is becoming worse and worse. What has led to this situation? What can be done to solve it?

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Band 6.5 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, a lot of children behave badly in front of their teacher rather than giving them respect. There are myriad reasons behind their bad behaviour; however, this essay will describe two major reasons and also give some solutions to overcome the problem.  

To begin with, the predominant reason is the lack of parental attention. In the present time, parents are busy in their work life and do not keep eye on their children. As a result, they learn bad manners by watching some TV shows and parents do not teach them good habits. In addition, students’ classmates also play an important role because they can easily adopt the behaviour of their friends and they also try the same activity. For example, if one student is laughing and talking with other students, while the teacher is teaching the lesson then other students also do the same activity rather than concentrating on the study.

These problems, however, can be resolved easily. Firstly, parents should focus on their children and also try to notice their manners if children behave badly then they must teach them the outcome of bad manner. Thus, students know about the difference between good and bad manners. Secondly, the teacher should give punishment when children misbehave. For example, they can give homework twice if student talk or laugh in the class. As a result, other student can know the consequences of bad behaviour. Moreover, they should intimate parents about the behaviour of their children.

To conclude, due to the lack of attention by parents and bad behaviour of their classmates children adopt bad manners. These problems, nevertheless, can be sorted out by parents by teaching them good manners. Teachers can also improve the conduct of their students by giving them appropriate punishments.

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