The basic elements of an IELTS essay

Your IELTS essay should have three basic elements: an introduction, the body text and a conclusion.


The introduction should include a general statement about the topic. As far as possible, try not to use the exact words from the task. Instead, paraphrase the statements given in the task rubric. You may include your own opinion in the introduction.


Your essay should include at least two body paragraphs. Discuss one view in the first body paragraph and the counterview in the second body paragraph.

Each paragraph should have a topic sentence. In addition, you should provide supporting evidence. Use specific ideas or examples to support your view. Make sure that your sentences are logically connected and punctuated.


In the last paragraph, you need to summarise the main points discussed in the body of your essay. You should also make a prediction, suggest a solution or recommend a course of action.

You are not supposed to present any new information or argument in the conclusion. However, you can include your opinion or point of view.

You can approach the task in two different ways. The argument led approach is useful for comparing advantages and disadvantages or analysing problems and suggesting solutions.

The thesis led approach is more effective when you have a very clear opinion on the subject. You may use this approach when the task asks ‘Do you agree or disagree?’

Note that when you use the thesis led approach, you need to express your opinion in the introduction.


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