Teenagers Are Spending An Increasing Amount Of Time On The Internet And This Is Having A Negative Impact On Their Social Skills | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Teenagers are spending an increasing amount of time on the Internet, and this is having a negative effect on their social skills. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

The internet has revolutionized the life of the modern man. These days, adolescents are mostly seen using the online service excessively and it is believed that it is negatively affecting their social skills. In my opinion, this belief is true but this problem can be resolved if teenagers are guided properly by their parents and educators.

There are myriads of reasons why usage of the internet is detrimental for children. Firstly, most of their time is being spent sitting on computer either doing some assignment or surfing the social networking sites which certainly isolates them from their family members. Secondly, their involvement in social events is minimal / negligible owing to their interest in making online foreign friends; thus, they remain inactive in their local surroundings. Thirdly, they usually lack in the communication skills as they persistently live in their virtual world.

However, the negative influence of the internet can be reduced if elders constantly monitor the activities of their children and advise them about the demerits of being online for long hours. Parents should devote time to their adolescence child; subsequently, it is better to form a timetable for their children and make sure that they adhere to the healthy lifestyle. Moreover, parents can even participate in leisurely activities along with their children to motivate them to remain socially active.

In conclusion, although the internet has generally had a positive impact on all spheres of life, it can be harmful for young people because they are using it to an extreme degree which prevents from being active in their local community. However, parents and teachers can improve the situation to a great extent by teaching youngsters about the downside of spending too much time online.

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  1. Abaid says:

    This sample essay seems like a problem solution essay not agree or disagree.first you explain causes and then solution.

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