Team Sports Help School Students To Learn More Than Usual Games | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Team sports help school students to learn more than usual games. What lessons would they learn by playing team sports? How would these lessons be beneficial for students in their future?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is true that team sports provide more benefits to students than individual games. Students learn the importance of team work and coordination from these games and due to this students become capable of achieving better career prospects in their future.

To begin with, team games offer numerous benefits to the players. First, playing these games makes the player adaptable and flexible according to their co-players. In other words, they can adjust to some situations based on their team member’s ability. Secondly, these games instill the values of team work in a competitive environment. For instance, players in a football team already know the individual teammate’s strength and weakness and hence they work together accordingly to put the ball inside the net. Finally, playing in teams teaches the team members to share their things with others. Therefore, the ability to share and teamwork are the most valuable skills players develop when playing in teams.

Furthermore, team sports help the students attain useful life lessons to shape their character in future. Caring for others is encouraged in such games and this benefits the student to be empathetic while growing up. Moreover, when they become adults, they easily adapt to the working style of their colleagues and focus more on their own job because they learned such skills from team games. To cite an example, while playing competitive games, players forget their differences and focus on the common objective of winning the game. And when they start working, this helps them to focus on their goals at work and ignore the differences between colleagues.

In conclusion, team sports provide more benefits to players than individual sports. Adaptability and team work are the essential skills they develop from playing these games. These qualities help the students achieve greater success in their career.

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