Teachers Think That International Students Exchange Would Be Beneficial For All Teenage School Students | Band 6.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Teachers think that international students exchange would be beneficial for all teenage school students. Do you think its advantages overweigh its disadvantages?

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Band 6.5 IELTS essay sample

Indeed, the international student exchange program requires a lot of effort to make it possible such as finding a sponsor, documentation and risk to send students into a completely unknown country. This whole complex process carried out because teachers believed that it is conducive for pupils. I cast no doubt on the veracity of the statement. The advantages and disadvantages will be elaborated in this essay.

There are multiple advantages to be gained from the exchange. Firstly, students can perceive the culture of the other country. If they are fortunate enough then even getting a chance to celebrate festivals in host country and understand rituals more closely. Secondly, by living in foreign country students can learn their language quite easily especially, in adolescent age when their grasping power is really high, they acquire new language through communicating local people. Moreover, they are also taking back some of the technology and technological skills which could be benefited to them in future.  

In my opinion, students who had an international tour experience in schooling years are far more confident and independent. This experience enhances personality, communication skills, and a lot more. In a way, this program changes a teen’s life immensely. To corroborate this view one survey from Bolten university revel that exchange students are more confident than non-exchange students.

On the flip side, some children can feel homesick after a while or this event could turn out to be a ‘cultural shock’ for them, for instance, generally, in my country there are two types of hostels prevails, one for boys and another for girls whereas in western countries, the hostels are common for students of both genders. Hence the situation would be awkward in the initial days.

 To conclude, this essay has described the advantages and disadvantages of the exchange program. Overall, I inclined to state that advantages overweigh drawbacks.

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