The Pie Graphs Show The Result Of A Survey Of Children’s Activities

Sample report

The pie charts show the result of a survey conducted among boys and girls about their recreational activities. It is evident that the only activity that is equally popular among both girls and boys is listening to music. 10% of them listen to music. Computer games are the most favourite pastime of boys followed by basketball. While 34% of boys play computer games in their leisure time, 26% of them play basketball.

Dancing is the most popular activity (27%) among girls followed by reading (21%). Interestingly, reading is the least popular activity among boys with only 2% of them engaging in it. Soccer and skateboarding are the other activities popular among boys with 17% and 11% of them engaging in these activities respectively. Besides dancing, other physical activities popular among girls were gymnastics (11%) and netball (15%). Overall, it is evident that there is considerable differences in the leisure time activities of boys and girls.

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