Task 1 Academic IELTS Report Sample | Grange Park Layout

The plans show a public park when it was first opened in 1920 and the same park today. Here is a band 8 IELTS report on this topic.

Band 8 IELTS report sample

The given plans compare Grange park’s current layout with its layout in 1920. Altogether, a lot has been changed in the Grange park over the years. The main highlights are the replacement of the stage by the Amphitheatre and the installation of a new water feature.

In 1920, the park had two entrances, one from the Arnold avenue and another from the Eldon street. On entering from the Eldon street, one would find a glass house on the right and a rose garden on the left along with some seating area. Opposite to the glass house was a pond for water plants and another rose garden. There was a fountain in the center of the park, next to which was a stage for the musicians to perform.

Today, the fountain has been replaced by a large rose garden and the stage has been converted into a huge Amphitheatre for concerts. There are seats on all four sides of the rose garden.

The rose garden on the right on entering from the Arnold avenue has been kept as it is; however, the one of the left has been replaced by a cafe. Next to the cafe, a play area for children has been developed. A new water feature has been erected opposite to the play area. Near the water feature is the entrance to the underground car park.

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