Task 1 Academic IELTS Report About Early Tools Used 1.4 Million Years Ago

Sample report

The two diagrams show how the tools used by humans 1.4 million years ago were different from the tools used 800,000 years ago. The visual representations illustrate three views of the devices used – a front view, a side view, and a back view.  

Tools that were used 1.4 million years ago visibly have rough edges and are more primitive than the ones that were used 0.8 million years ago. It shows us how humans started using more sophisticated weapons as they evolved. A closer look at the tools that were designed 800,000 years ago tells us that they progressed into becoming more chiseled and advanced into better shapes that gave better grip for humans using them.

The only commonality they share with the ones that existed before, apart from the basic oval shape, is that they both were roughly 10 cm long. Although these tools were separated by several millennia, their functionality and purpose seem to have remained the same.

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