Successful Companies Use Advertising To Make More Sales | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Successful companies use advertising to make more sales. What can make an advertisement very effective? Do you think this is a bad thing or a good thing for the society?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is an irrefutable fact that advertisements are ubiquitous. Most of the well-established organizations throughout the globe take the help of adverts in order to enhance their sales. Advertising can be made more impactful by adopting different strategies, which are discussed below. Having said that, I believe that it has deleterious impacts on the community.

To begin with, advertisements can be made more impressive by following these approaches. The chief one is that these should be creative and entertaining, because people tend to like new ideas and watch entertaining ads. Another persuasive method is to hire famous celebrities to promote products. This is mainly because these prominent people are adored by millions of followers who try to imitate their lifestyle; as a result, their fans will most likely buy the products endorsed by their role models.

However, advertisements affect society in a negative way. To elaborate, although it makes residents aware of the newly launched items, it promotes the use and throw culture. As a result, individuals are spending their life savings recklessly to buy unnecessary items. Apart from this, commercials mainly target children as / because they are more impressionable than adults. After watching these ads, kids force their parents to buy those useless products. Since many families are not well-off, this compulsive urge to own the latest products can land them in the debt trap. Hence it can be said that advertisements are detrimental for the society.

In essence, from the aforementioned arguments it is evident that though multinational companies increase their revenue by making intriguing adverts, in the long run, ads have negative effects which are hazardous to the society.

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2 Responses

  1. Ram says:

    Q- There are different methods businesses use to increase their sales.
    What are the different ways companies use to increase sales?
    Which one is the most effective?

    Corporations increase their sale of products by adopting a variety of approaches, such as advertisements, product endorsements and promotions. The one which works like a charm is promotions.

    There are multifarious ways companies try to boost sales. Firstly, advertisements are one of the most importance way to ensure that people are aware of products. They help to disseminate products information and details to the consumer. Thus, advertisements help people to discover and compare other related products available in the marketplace prior to making a purchase. Another method companies implement to increase sales is product endorsement by eminent people. People following their favourite celebrities usually like to buy things endorsed by them. For example, many shoe companies appoint famous athelete to market their products because it boosts sales significantly.

    Furthermore, the most effective way to improve sales is offering promotions and discounts. People go weak when they see products on sale. Reduction in prices triggers the brain to buy products because people think they are getting an opportunity to possess a product by spending less amount of money on them. Thus, saving on deals enable people to buy more products in the amount of money. Also, people feel it is the value of money, when there is a sale going on. Businesses come up with numerous promotion schemes such as 50% mega sales, early bird discounts, pre-booking discounts and bundle buying discounts, floated over different seasons of a year. All these examples mentioned above, the ultimatel goal is to offer lower price than the actual price. Consequently, people are highly attracted to purchase more products they may or may not need during an ongoing sale. Therefore, sales offers are the strongest catalyst enabling an inordinate increase in the sales of products.

    To conclude, although advertising and the endorsement of products are a few methods used to increase sales, the promotions and discounts outbeat any other approach. This can be supported by the large number of products sold during sales offers.

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