Important, considerable, rich, tangible, significant, sturdy, filling, substantive, material


Immaterial, ethereal


a) large in amount or degree

  • They have made substantial improvement in providing basic facilities.
  • There are substantial differences between the two theories.
  • He has at least four substantial meals every day.
  • There has been a substantial increase in the number of road accidents in the last two years.

b) wealthy; a large amount of money

  • He has made substantial savings over the years.
  • If we can’t raise a substantial sum, we will be in real trouble.

c) large and strongly built

  • It was a substantial brick building that could withstand even strong earthquakes.

d) important, or real

  • The trade union leader’s decision to boycott the meeting was not based on anything substantial.
  • He is one of the most substantial philanthropists in the country.

e) making you feel full and satisfied

  • Studies have proved that a substantial breakfast may actually reduce food cravings and help people lose weight.

Related words

Substance (noun): material

  • Iron is a hard substance.

Substantiate (verb)

To substantiate is to confirm or prove that something is true or valid

  • These evidences substantiate the solicitor’s claim that his client is not guilty.

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