Studying History Is A Waste of Time | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that studying history is very important and we must study the past to understand the present. Others say that it is useless and should not be studied at all. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

While some people think that learning history is crucial for understanding the present, others argue that it is a waste of time. This essay supports the idea that people can improve their future by studying past, and it disagrees with people who believe that historical situations are unlikely to be repeated in future.

People who are in support of studying history opine that it provides opportunities to learn from the mistakes. Every nation faced challenges in the past and sometimes wrong decisions taken in those situations resulted in undesirable outcomes. People can learn from these mistakes and take better decisions in case they face similar circumstances again. This essay agrees with this notion, because it can be easily observed that almost every developed country gives significant importance to history, which shows that a willingness to learn from the past mistakes helps in achieving economic and social milestones.

However, many people argue that the historical situations are not comparable / can never be compared to the current scenarios. These people think that world has changed in so many different ways that learning about the history is useless. This essay does not agree with this thinking because history has repeated itself many times. For instance, Pakistan and India suffered huge losses when they fought their first war against each other; however, both countries did not learn from their mistakes, and consequently they were forced to fight several subsequent battles.

In conclusion, nations can control their present and shape their future by learning from the mistakes committed in the history. Although dynamics of the world have changed significantly over the period of time, history tends to repeat itself; therefore, it is always useful to study the past and to anticipate similar situations.

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  1. Shirina Samreen says:

    It is believed by some people that learning about history has great significance and it should be studied to understand the current scenario. Other people argue that the study of history is of no use and it is not required. In my opinion, the knowledge of history is of paramount importance to truly understand the human evolution from the very early times to the present times. Many issues of the present can be resolved by tracing back their root causes in the past.

    It is opined by a few people that history has no value and studying it is a mere wastage of time. Their thinking can be attributed to many reasons. Firstly, the modern age is evolving very rapidly and people feel duty-bound to keep track of latest happenings. Consequently, it becomes very difficult to devote time to learn something about the past. For example, majority of the people have great affinity towards latest gadgets and electronic devices as they enhance the comfort and standard of living. Under these circumstances, they take the study of history for granted as it seems old-fashioned to invest time in educating oneself with the past happenings. Additionally, the number of career prospects by studying history are limited and most of the jobs are not lucrative enough. However, I feel that studying history is quite important as it facilitates in acquiring the knowledge about evolution of human civilization.

    The information about our ancestors and their problems helps an individual to analyze the evolution of human race from earlier times to modern age. From the perspective of one nation, the knowledge of history provides a clear idea about the heritage, culture and traditions. One can understand the era which gave rise to the different religions and languages which is essential to value one’s faith and belief. Furthermore, many problems of modern age can be solved in a better way through a deeper analysis of the root causes behind them. This is possible by a thorough examination of the historical events. For example, the problem of population explosion in some countries was owed to excessive number of migrants and refugees from other countries after a historical analysis.

    In conclusion, I feel that the study of history is crucial for the human race. It helps in determining the solutions of the problems in the present by learning the past events.

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