Students Should Be Primarily Taught Academic Subjects So That They Can Pass Exams | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Students should be primarily taught academic subjects so that they can pass exams, and practical skills such as cooking should not be taught. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

The education system witnessed dramatic changes during the past century. There is a common belief that schools should focus more on academic subjects and less on the practical skills of a student. I fully disagree with this opinion and I think that children should be taught basic skills such cooking at schools. I will support my stand with valid arguments in the following paragraphs.

There is no doubt that academic subjects such as mathematics and science should be given more importance in the school curriculum. These subjects help children develop logic and understand the world around them. Additionally, academic knowledge is a good basis for a future career. However, not every student will pursue a career in science and each of them will need to cook at some stage of their life. For example, after graduation from school, many students move out of their parents’ house and start living on their own. Those In such situations, those young people who have never even fried an egg face serious difficulties. Had they learned cooking at school, this could have been avoided.

Cooking is not only a survival skill but it is also) fundamental for health and wellbeing. According to research, the people who know cooking and practice it on a daily basis have the lower risk of diabetes and colon cancer than the people who do not know how to cook and prefer to eat fast food. Children should learn how to prepare healthy and nutritious meal for themselves and the school should help them to gain this skill. Every school should have classes where children have an opportunity to learn simple recipes and under the teacher’s supervision. From my personal experience, I learned how to make soup at school and I appreciate this experience because it helps me now.

In conclusion, I believe that the school should take the responsibility to educate children on some practical activities such as food preparation. Although academic knowledge is absolutely necessary for a modern human being, cooking is a survival skill and a protective factor against some health issues.

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3 Responses

  1. Kapil says:

    These is a great platform to read free resources ❤

  2. jagdish says:

    There is an opinion that instead of providing any kind of practical skills every student should get only theoretical knowledge in order to pass in examinations. I completely disagree with the viewpoint as hand-on-experience in certain domains is quite beneficial for them.

    To begin with, admittedly knowledge in core subjects such as physics or mathematics is essential. In fact, almost all entrepreneurs look for candidates with excellent academic grades. But, by gaining practical competencies in schools and universities they become more innovative. For instance, children exert extra efforts while learning painting or art and craft so that they could produce unique artefacts.In addition, while doing so they think out of the box which helps in improving their imaginative power.

    Furthermore, another positive aspect of practical training is that students become self-dependent after completion of studies. Having said that academic subjects open wider opportunities for youngsters in terms of employment or business. These peripheral knowledge sometime is unable to solve minute problems of novice employees such as cooking food unless they have prior experience pertaining to this. Instantly, maximum number of IT professionals stay away from family struggle to eat healthy food because they had never learnt this skill before.

    To conclude, although strong academic background leads to successful careers for many aspirants, practical skills are equally significant for overall development of children.Hence every child should not be deprived of such skills otherwise they will waste plenty of time and energy to learn them in the future.

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