Students From Disadvantaged And Rural Areas Are Finding It Difficult To Get A University Education | Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Students from disadvantaged families and rural areas are finding it difficult to get a university education. Some people believe that universities should help them. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include examples from your experience.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

University education has become expensive these days and poor students have difficulty enrolling in. Therefore, some people argue that universities should help disadvantaged students to receive tertiary education. I agree with this view.

Education is the key to a successful life and career and as such everyone regardless of their financial situation or place of birth should have access to it. When poor students receive university education, they are able to find better jobs and thus elevate their living standards. For example, my neighour is a daily wage earner. When his children graduated from high school with good grades, they could secure admission in a government college for a nominal fee. Today both of them have high paying jobs and they are also an inspiration for other poor students in the neighbourhood. Obviously, education bridges the gap between the rich and the poor and thus helps to reduce inequality. By contrast, if poor students have to quit studies after high school, they will forever be doomed to live in poverty and that benefits neither them nor the society.

By offering free or subsidised education to students coming from economically or socially backward sections of the society, universities can ensure that everyone has access to tertiary education. In countries like India the government already provides fee concession to meritorious students from poor families at state funded schools and colleges. The government should extend the scheme to private universities as well by offering them some financial incentives for doing so. It should also consider enacting laws that offer a fee waiver to academically brilliant poor students at all educational institutions in the country. Instituting more scholarships and stipends will also help.  

In conclusion, education is the fundamental right of all students regardless of their financial or social backgrounds. Universities should help them achieve it by offering them scholarships and fee waiver to poor and meritorious students.

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2 Responses

  1. Pallavi says:

    Access to university education is hard to gain for some of the underprivileged families as well as people living in rural area.While some people opine that universities should aid such students, in my opinion,I completely agree with the above assertion.

    To begin with,universities should sponsor the education of impoverished children.
    Such initiatives will encourage talented youngsters to receive tertiary education which may lead to securing an employment.Instead of doing an unskilled job, the majority of deprived people would get an opportunity to built their desired future.For example,a young man,son of a daily wage labourer,has completed his studies from government college,and landed a high paying job in multinational company.Consequently, he has become an inspiration for many other poor children in his neighbourhood. Therefore,people who are devoid of continuing their studies,universities should facilitate them a chance to obtain a university education.

    In addition,through online teaching methods,a few universities can start some educational programs for people located in remote areas. This means students who have access to the internet can gain the education without even going to the university.Africa,for instance,Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has initiated an online program to render free education all across the country,and this has steered many young minds in the right path to live a better life despite coming from criminal backgrounds.It has also been observed that an educated population can enhance their thinking and set an example at a global level.Thus,having received university education may help building a better nation.

    To conclude,education is the basic right of every individual irrespective of their financial or social background.University ought to help them by subsidizing their education as well as providing free access to online education.I,therefore, believe that government can also encourage such students by giving them scholarships and access to education in any part of the country.

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