Strategies for the Listening Module

Listen actively

You have to do several things while listening to the audio tapes. You have to do much more than recognize the names, places and times. You have to connect ideas, organize information, make assumptions and generalize. None of these would be possible if you don’t listen actively.

Here are some strategies for the Listening module.

Before you listen

Read the instructions carefully. This is important because you should know how many words you are allowed or required to write.

Do not write more words than is required. If you exceed the word limit, your answer will be marked as incorrect. Keep in mind that articles and prepositions are all considered as words.

Read the questions on the question paper before you start listening to the tapes. This is a good strategy because when you read the questions you will be able to find out what the topic is.

While reading the notes and the questions on the question paper, ask yourself questions like these:

  • Who is speaking?
  • What are they speaking about?

After you listen

Analyze the questions and instructions. This way you can decide what kind of information is required.

While answering the questions, write only the words that you hear. Do not change them.

Make sure that you answer all questions. There is no negative marking, so even if your answers are wrong, you will not lose any marks.

While copying your answers make sure that the words you have written are grammatically correct and make sense.

Make sure that you do not copy anything printed on the question paper to the answer sheet. You should only copy what you have written.

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