Strategies for the 3rd part of the speaking module

The third part of the Speaking module lasts about 4-5 minutes. You will be asked some abstract, non-personal questions. Note that you may be asked up to seven questions. You are not expected to ask any questions to the examiner.

Strategies for the third part of the Speaking module

Communicate your opinion clearly and concisely. Keep in mind that your answers should demonstrate your range of grammatical structures and vocabulary. You can use modal auxiliary verbs to give possible reasons or to discuss possible advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some sample questions and answers. Actually, these questions were asked in recent IELTS examinations.

Examiner: Do you think indoor games are important for children? Why?

Candidate: Yes, I certainly believe that indoor games are important for children. They keep children occupied and entertained for hours. Also an indoor game like chess makes them smarter because it helps their brain development and improves their ability to concentrate.

Examiner: Do children these days still play indoor games? Why?

Candidate: I think so. At least my niece and nephew play them, but I also feel that children now have more interest in computer games than in indoor games.

Examiner: Do you believe that computer games are replacing indoor games?

Candidate: Yes. I know many kids who are always hooked to their computers or tablets. They don’t even talk to their parents or siblings.

Examiner: What do you think of computer games? Are they good?

Candidate: I myself play computer games. They are good for killing time, but I feel that we shouldn’t waste hours playing computer games. They aren’t good for the eyes. Also, they can affect our academic grades and social skills.

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