Sports Programmes On Television Are The Reason For The Poor Health Of Young People | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Sports programmes are very popular on television nowadays. Some people argue that these programmes are the reason for the poor health of many young people as they prefer to watch sports rather than partake in them. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

No doubt, nowadays youngsters are attracted towards the sports programmes that are being telecasted on television. According to some people, the poor health of youngsters is due to the fact that they only watch these programmes without actively participating in them. I disagree with this view as such programmes encourage young people to play and teach them rules of the game.

To start with, one good reason for watching sports channels is that it kindles the enthusiasm to stay fit by playing sports. To be more precise, when people watch sports events they develop an opportunity to learn about their sports personalities playing in different corners of the world and their fitness levels. This will motivate them to form teams to play sports and stay fit and healthy. For instance, people in India have developed a natural attraction towards cricket owing to the channels that preferentially telecast cricket as it is sponsored by major corporate. This interest has resulted in the birth of multiple state and district level teams involving a lot of youngsters.

Another good point in favour of sporting events on television is that they help people to gain knowledge about the sports rules. Sports events are organised both nationally and internationally and through the live telecast of such events, beginners who want to take up sports as a career can learn the rules of the game. To illustrate this, in one of his interviews, Rafael Nadal, who is an internationally acclaimed tennis star, revealed that he learnt the rules of tennis by watching tennis matches on the TV during his childhood days.

        Lastly, sports shows on television increase the popularity of the game. Kabadi, for example, is an indigenous Indian game which was losing popularity after cricket arrived in the sub continent. Now, Kabadi matches on television have rekindled people’s interest in this game. Likewise, Baseball is now played in many different parts of the world. Previously, it was played only in the USA.

To sum up, I disagree with the opinion that watching games on television contributes to ill health among youngsters since it promotes increased physical activity by not only kindling interest in the games among younger people but also by teaching them the rules of sports.

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