Spoken Communication Is Always More Powerful Than Written Communication | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Spoken communication is always more powerful than written communication. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Some people argue that the verbal form of communication is more powerful than written communication. In my opinion, it varies from individual to individual and sometimes also depends on the context in which the matter is to be conveyed to the other person. Thus, both forms of communication hold equal importance.

Spoken communication is often considered more versatile as while speaking the emotions of the orator can be easily captured by the listener. Eyes mirror the soul and facial gestures can easily reflect whether the speaker is fake or genuine. Famous politicians and influencers around the world resort to this form of communication while conveying their thoughts. A passionate speech can arouse the emotions of the listeners. If we read history, we will read about brilliant orators who even brought about revolutions with the power of their fiery speeches. However, this form of communication does not always produce the desired result as while sorting out a misunderstanding in a face to face interaction, things may go out of control and people might end up deeply scarring an otherwise beautiful relationship. Spoken interactions are also not very suitable for conveying unpleasant messages.

On the other hand, written form of communication is better for someone who lacks the ability to convince others through speech. Some people might not be able to deliver an impeccable speech but their words speak volumes about them. Pen is mightier than the sword is not just a saying. Some writers shake the world when they pen down their ideas and opinions. However, written communications often reach only a limited section of the society.

To conclude, just like the fingers of the human hand, no two persons are alike. Someone might have excellent oratory skills and others might excel in written form of communication. Hence, it is hard to say whether written communication is more powerful than spoken communication because it depends entirely on the circumstances and the written or spoken skills of the communicator.

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4 Responses

  1. Rajinder says:

    Written and spoken communication are necessary for proper society functioning. Some people believe that spoken communication is more effective than written communication. I completely agree with the assertion because I think spoken communication is fast and allows the speaker to express his feelings.
    Spoken communication is the fastest and effective method of two-way communication as compared to writing. Even with the advancements of instant messages technology, written communication takes more time to respond. For instance, on average I check my e-mails three times a day, therefore a new e-mail may need to wait for 6 hours to get a reply. Furthermore, spoken communication is easier to understand and does not require a special tool such as paper, pen or a computer. Consequently, people can share their thoughts easily using spoken communication without feeling the barrier of education or lack of tools.
    Additionally, spoken communication involves feelings and emotions of the speaker which can have a huge effect on the listeners. Many times written communication is misinterpreted due to lack of tone and feelings in it. Moreover, spoken communication also allows to understand the state of mind of the speaker because it not only has words but also facial and body expressions. For example, whenever my wife says, “I am fine !”. I can easily understand whether she is fine or not. On the other hand, written communication has minimal tools and expressions to draw emotions out of a writer.
    In conclusion, written and spoken both are an effective tool of communication. While some believe that written communication is important, I think spoken communication is more effective due to fast response and ways to express different emotions.

  2. Ali Murthuza says:

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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in shifts?

    To be in the competitive business market, nowadays the majority of the corporations are willing to work all round the clock and they are offering high salaries for the employees who work in shifts. This essay will discuss the merits and demerits of this trend in the forthcoming paragraphs.

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    In conclusion, although there are merits of working in shifts as above-mentioned, the drawbacks with this trend are more than the advantages this situation has to offer.

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