Specific strategies for the third part of the speaking test

During the third part of the IELTS speaking test, you will have to communicate your ideas and opinions clearly, while demonstrating your range of vocabulary and command of grammatical patterns.

You can use modal auxiliary verbs to give possible reasons and to describe likely advantages or disadvantages.

Examiner: Why do you think people enjoy traveling?

Candidate: Well, it might be because traveling helps reduce stress levels. Another reason could be that people get to know different cultures when they travel. This will help them gain knowledge.

When you give an opinion, you should be able to support it with valid reasons.

Examiner: Do you agree that primary education should be free?

Candidate: I totally agree. In a country like India millions of people still live under the poverty line. Most of them don’t manage to send their children to school. If primary education is free, almost all children will be able to attend schools. Many of them will probably not manage to go to university, but they will at least learn to read and write. Education is crucial to the development of a country and as such I believe that everybody must have access to it.

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