Speaking sample questions with answers

Examiner: Describe your hometown.

I was born at Thrissur, a small town in Kerala. Thrissur is famous for its temple festival called Pooram. It is the cultural capital of Kerala. It is a small and beautiful town with a secular nature. There are several good schools and colleges there. Also, Thrissur is famous for its shops.

Examiner: Is it a safe place for kids to grow up?

Candidate: Of course. I spent my entire childhood there and I didn’t encounter any problems. The crime rate is pretty low. People are educated and friendly. Also there are plenty of open spaces where kids can play and enjoy themselves.

Examiner: What can the government do to ensure that children are raised in a safe atmosphere?

Candidate: Violence against children is on the rise in many countries. The government needs to enact stringent laws to deal with this menace. A lot of people still don’t realize that children are entitled to the same rights as adults. The government needs to raise awareness about these problems.


Examiner: What steps should the government take to decrease the amount of air pollution due to air traffic?

Candidate: Air travel is definitely on the rise. Few people are aware of the environmental problems caused by this. The cost of flying has fallen tremendously over the years and this is encouraging more and more people to fly. The government can perhaps increase taxes and make air travel unaffordable. However, I don’t think it is a solution. A better solution is to invest in railways and roadways. If there are good roads, few people will want to fly.

Examiner: Do you think business people fly more than others? Why?

Candidate: They certainly do. They have to meet their clients or partners in other countries and as a result they fly more often. These days, however, excellent video conferencing facilities are available, so in my opinion, they can cut down on air travel if they really want to.

Examiner: Why do you think people prefer to travel by air rather than other means of transportation?

Candidate: Air travel is faster. I think that is the number one reason. If you travel by the train, it takes about 24 hours to reach Kochi from Mumbai. If you travel by air, you can cover this distance in about two hours. So, the benefits are obvious.

Examiner: Do you prefer comfort over price?

Candidate: Certainly no. I hate wasteful expenditure. I am careful about every rupee I spend. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees.

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