Speaking part 2 | Talk about an article you read in the newspaper

Talk about an article you have read recently in a magazine or a newspaper. Please say

– When and where did you read it?

– What was it about?

– How did you feel after reading it?

Sample response

Last month I read an article in a magazine about some spirited women laborers who fought for their rights. The women in question were tea plantation workers. They were working long hours and yet they weren’t earning enough to support their family. They have trade unions to protect their rights, but none of these unions had actually done anything for their welfare. So, these women decided to stand up for their rights. They launched a campaign against their employer by refusing to work until their wages were increased. In their fight against exploitation they chose not to have the support of any trade unions. Their struggle grabbed headlines. In the end they won the fight and the employer agreed to increase their wages. I was quite impressed with this story. I like stories about women’s empowerment. I always feel good when exploited men and women stand up for their rights. My situation is very different from their situation; sill I can empathize with them and their struggle for earning a better livelihood. Actually it was one of the feel-good stories I read this year.

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